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When compared to regular toilets, there are only a few corner toilet models to choose from. However they come in a variety of features, designs and sizes. So I researched and created this article to help you save time and select the best corner toilet for space saving in small bathrooms.

Overall, the best corner toilet is the Signature Hardware Braeburn Corner Toilet. However one model doesn’t fit all situations. So here is a comparison table of the top models.

Top Corner Toilet Reviews

The below reviews and notes about corner toilets will help you make an informed decision.

Note: Out of the 3 most popular American toilet brands only American Standard makes corner toilets. (Sorry fans, there are no Toto or Kohler corner toilets.)

Fortunately other reputed brands like Renovator’s Supply and Signature Hardware offer some good models to choose from.

Overall Best Corner Toilet: Signature Hardware Braeburn Toilet

corner toilet Out of all the above listed toilets, the overall best corner toilet is the Signature Harwdware Braeburn Corner Toilet (check it’s Amazon.com page #ad).

It’s the best overall because it combines many important toilet features together better than others.

These better features include a good flushing performance, high quality product, elegant modern design, ADA compliant Comfort Height and water saving 1.28 Gallons Per Flush (GPF).

It’s also a great space preserver with dimensions of only 30.5″ long, 18.25″ wide and 29.5″ tall. This compact size makes it perfect for a small and narrow bathroom.

Braeburn has a Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant toilet bowl and seat height. So the bowl is taller and with the seat thickness is 17+ inches from the floor. This make it easier for most adults and elderly to sit and stand-up. (The shorter 15″-16″ high Standard Height toilets are more suited for short adults and kids.)

Braeburn is manufactured by Signature Hardware, a well established and reputed American toilet brand. They have many other toilet models for different niches that are very good and sell a lot. Even from my own experience, I’ve found Signature Hardware as a good and recommendable brand.

The only drawback I see with Braeburn is the round bowl which is compact and space saving but not as as comfortable as the elongated bowls.

It also comes with the flush handle on the right side of the tank which is ADA compliant and easier to use than push buttons of some of the models listed here .

Online customer reviews for Braeburn are also very good and recommend it. So you can buy it without fear. It also comes with a soft-closing toilet seat include which is bonus.

So little wonder its become the best selling corner bath toilet online within a short period of time since its release in 2019.


  • Good flushing performance
  • Water saving, high efficiency toilet
  • ADA compliant Comfort Height seat, easy for tall and elderly.
  • Very compact size
  • Clean modern design
  • Bit cheaper price than others.
  • Comes with soft closing seat


  • bowl shape not very comfortable
  • Seat height might be tall for kids and short people

Runner-Up: Sheffield Elongated Corner Toilet

elongated corner toiletThe Sheffield Corner 2-Piece WaterSense Dual Flush Elongated Toilet (link to its Amazon page #ad) is the top elongated bowl corner toilet I have come across so far.

This Sheffiled has been in the market for over a decade and was the best selling corner toilet until Signature Hardware Braeburn was released. (It’s still the best choice among the corner elongated models.)

It also saves lot of water and has a nice aesthetically pleasing design that looks great in cosy small bathrooms.

It’s elongated toilet bowl is around two inches longer than rounded bowls. So its more comfortable to use and easy to clean specially for men without touching the bowl or seat. If you have the bathroom space, its better to get this Sheffield.

The overall toilet size is 33.75 inches depth, 19 inches width and 32.25 inches tall. It’s not the smallest toilet but still compact enough.

Its flushing performance is good according to customer comments on online stores. It’s dual flush mechanism allows you to saves thousands of gallons of water each year.

You can select the 0.8 gallons half flush for liquid waste and 1.6 gallon full flush to clear away solid waste.  The flush is operated by two push buttons on the triangular tank top instead of a handle.

Shefield has a nice contemporary design that enhances and complements any bathroom decor. The throne itself is made with White Grade A Vitreous China porcelain and comes with Reno-Gloss scratch and stain proof surface finish. So its easy to clean and maintain.

Sheffield is sold by Renovator’s Supply which is a well established bathroom product brand.


  • Save upto 25,000 gallons of water each year.
  • Comfortable and easier to clean elongated bowl
  • ANSI, and EPA Watersense Compliance
  • Comfort height
  • Nice contemporary design
  • Comes with Soft-close seat
  • Best seller for over a decade


  • Bit tall for kids and short people
  • Bolt covers not included.

Best American Standard: Cadet 3 Elongated Triangle Toilet

American Standard corner toilet The American Standard 270AD001.222 Cadet 3 Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Triangle Toilet (Check at Amazon #ad) is the best American Standard corner toilet.

This toilet belongs to the American Standard Cadet 3 toilet line which are known to be one of the best flushing toilets. The number 3 in the toilet name stands for the 3 inch flush valve that boosts its flushing performance.

If you have had previous issues due to large stools and frequent clogs, its better to this model. They are great no-clog toilets too because they have a larger than average trapway to siphon off waste from the bowl.

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The elongated bowl is more comfortable to use. Its Right Height seat is also comfort height and ADA compliant.

It is made with Vitreous China porcelain and the bowl is coated with a durable and easy-to-clean EverClean surface finish. EverClean surface is also anti-microbial, which prevents harmful germs and bacteria from sticking and growing.

However this model uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. So it doesn’t save as much water as a dual flush toilet or a 1.28 GPF toilet.

Sizewise it is 34″ long, 19.25″ wide x 31.5″ tall which is a good compact size for elongated model.

Unlike others it doesn’t come with a toilet seat, requiring you to buy one separate.


  • 3 inch flush valve for powerful flushing
  • Larger trapway prevents clogs.
  • ADA Comfort height seat
  • Comfortable elongated bowl
  • Available only in White, Linen and Bone colors.


  • No included seat
  • No water saving

Smallest Corner Toilet: Troyt Compact Toilet

small corner toilet If you are looking for a small corner toilet for a tiny bathroom, definitely check out the Renovator’s Supply Troyt Corner Compact Toilet (Amazon page link #ad).

With a depth of 30 inches and width of 17.25″ and height of 29″, it has the smallest toilet dimensions of all the corner models.

Features a 0.8 and 1.6 GPF dual flush system which saves water. And customers say it flushes well on online stores. It’s also ANSI and EPA WaterSense compliant.

Troyt has a clean modern design with a high low top tank. It’s made out of heavy duty porcelain and comes with stain and scratch resistant surface. So overall its another powerful flush triangular tank toilet by Renovator’s Supply.

It has a standard height seat which is easy for short and medium height people but not the best for elderly and tall.

Troyt comes with a seat which according to some customers is not that good. But that’s easy to remedy by getting a good replacement seat separately.


  • Small corner toilet that saves maximum space
  • Water saving dual flush system
  • EPA WaterSense certificate


  • Low seat height for tall and elderly.
  • Included soft-close seat is not that good.

Best Alternative: Sheffield Round Corner Toilet

Sheffield Round toilet The Sheffield Corner Round Toilet (check at Amazon #ad) is the rounded bowl version of the excellent Sheffield model we discussed above.

Except for its shape and standard seat height, all other features are the same as the Sheffield elongated model. It’s got the same water saving 0.8/1.6 GPF dual flushing system. Flushing performance is also good according to people who bought it..

Overall its a good quality product with a Reno-Gloss finish which is scratch and stain resistant.

The toilets overall dimensions are 32.5″ Depth, 18.5″ Width and 31″ Height.


  • Dual flush system saves water
  • Standard height good for kids and short people
  • Attractive contemporary style
  • Good for kids and short people


  • Short toilet seat for tall and elderly people.
  • Compact bowl shape not comfortable.

American Standard Cadet 3 Round Triangle Toilet

triangle toilet This is the round bowl model of the American Cadet 3 corner toilet. Officially its called the American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet 3 Right Height Round Front Two-Piece Triangle Toilet (Amazon page link #ad)

It shares the same features as in the elongated Cadet 3 model, like the 1.6 GPF flush system and the oversized flush valve for power flushing and larger trap way for preventing clogs and making it a great flushing toilet.

Even in independent MaP flush tests it has passed the 1,000 gram of waste removal test in a single flush. 1,000g MaP score is the highest possible for any toilet. So the flushing system is very powerful.

Unlike other round corner models, this has a ADA compliant Right Height seat level. So it is easier to use for tall people and elderly.

It’s overall dimensions are 32″ length, 19.25 width and 31.5″ height which is comparable in size to other top models here.

This is also made with Vitreous China porcelain and coated with stain resistant and antimicrobial EverClean surface finish.

It doesn’t come with a seat, so you have to buy one separately.

Online reviews for this model are also good. So overall, its another good recommendable model.


  • Oversize flush valve with powerful flushing power
  • Passed highest 1000g MaP Score flush test
  • Larger trapway prevents clogging.
  • ADA compliant Comfort height seat easy for tall and elderly.
  • Available in White color


  • Round bowl not as comfortable
  • Bit larger than other toilets.
  • Not water efficient
  • No seat included

Magnus Lawen Corner Toilet

corner bathroom toilet The Magnus Lawen triangle toilet is a relatively new two-piece toilet (check it at Amazon #ad).

Lawen is a little cheaper than other models listed here. However as a newer model than others I didn’t find enough information and consumer feedback online to judge how good it is.

Lawen comes with a Standard Height seat level and a rounded bowl. So its better suited for houses with kids and short people than for tall and elderly people.

There isn’t enough data online to judge how good its flushing performance is either. It has a 1.6 gallon single-flush. So it doesn’t save as much water as the other dual flush or 1.28 gallon toilets.

The overall dimension is 35″ depth (front to back), 18″ width,  and 29″ height. It’s width and height are okay but the depth projection is long. So it will take up more bathroom space than other models.

Lawen is sold by Magnus Home Products who are a Northern Kentucky-based online retailer of bath and kitchen products.


  • Standard height seat suitable for kids and mixed height households.
  • Price is mid-range and competitive with other models
  • Competitive price


  • Not compact enough. Depth is too long.
  • Standard height seat is short for tall and elderly.
  • 1.6 GPF standard flush rate.
  • Not enough info and feedback to judge quality and performance.

Pros And Cons of Corner Toilet Vs Regular Toilet

If you are changing from a regular toilet to corner toilet or vise-versa, it’s very important to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages between them. It’s equally important even if you are doing a remodel and hope to install a corner toilet for space saving.

Pros of Corner Toilets

  • Space saving in small bathrooms, powder rooms or weirdly shaped bathrooms.
  • Gives the bathroom a more open look
  • Move the toilet to a bathroom corner and not have it the middle.
  • May allow you to add new facilities like a bathtub or shower cubicle without knocking down walls and expanding.
  • Have the same features and comfort level as a regular toilet.
  • Helps avoid costly renovations.
  • More comfortable than most compact toilets and short depth toilets.
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Cons of Corner Toilets

  • Needs a sewage drain hole with proper toilet rough-in measurements.
  • Limited selection of models and designs to choose from.
  • Difficult to install due to tight angled space and the location of water supply and drain
  • Bit more expensive than regular toilets
  • Difficult to reach and clean the back of the toilet.

Corner Toilet Buyer’s Guide

As you saw above, corner toilets come with different features, shapes, sizes and styles. So it’s important to know what to look for when buying one. Consider below points and you’ll be able to find the best corner toilet model for your needs and requirements.

Space for Toilet Clearance

Double-check the toilet dimensions and make sure it fits in your bath. Also make sure you have enough clear space around the toilet to use it comfortably and to meet any local building codes and inspection.

Most bathroom clearance codes require at-least 24 inches of clear space in front of the toilet.  There should also be at-least 15 inches gap between center of the bowl and the sidewall (or other fixtures).

Note: While corner toilets are great space savers you can save even more space by going for a tankless toilet or wall hung toilet. However Tankless toilets are easy to install in a bathroom corner but they are very expensive and rely on electric power. Wall hung toilets are equally expensive and require a wall renovation and reinforcement to hold the weight of the wall mounted toilet.

Flushing Performance

Flushing power and performance is the most important thing to look when buying any toilet.  So, its imperative you select a model that’s able to move all the waste and clean the bowl in a single flush.

The flushing system or mechanism plays an important role in the flushing performance. So check that’s good too.

Bowl Shape

There are mainly two corner toilet bowl types, elongated or round. (Unlike in Europe there aren’t square bowls for bathroom corners here.)

Elongated bowls are about 2 inches longer than rounded bowls. So they are more comfortable to sit and use and easy to clean. If space permits, its better to get one of them.

Round bowls are more compact and have a smaller footprint. So with them you get more leg room and space for installing other facilities. However because they are compact, they are not as comfortable to sit or use.

However in a tiny bathroom and half bath every inch counts. So many times even an inch or two saved by using the compact solution can make a big difference. You have to trade-off some comfort for space.

Water Consumption

Your toilet is the biggest water user in your house.

Federal standard 1.6 Gallons Per Flush (GPF) toilets are efficient compared to 3.5 and 5 gallon older toilets. However, today you find more efficient toilets that use less water while still flushing away the waste with one flush.

Also some states like California require all new toilets to be 1.28 GPF or less.  So higher efficiency toilets have become very good at flushing with less water.

One option are the EPA WaterSense certified high efficiency toilets that use 1.28 GPF or less.

The other option is Dual Flush Toilets that have a handle or button mechanism that allows you to choose and use less water to flush liquid waste and more full flush to flush solid waste.

Design & Style

Triangle tank toilets are natural creative two-piece toilets that are designed to fit nicely in a bathroom edge and maximize floor space while giving out an open look.

Get a toilet with a style that matches your bathroom decor. The toilets listed here mainly have two styles.

One is the clean modern style. The other is the traditional or contemporary style. Both styles blend well in most bathroom settings.

Measure Toilet Rough-In

The measurement to the drain hole is called the rough in size. The standard corner toilet rough in size today is 12 inches. So all toilets for corners for sale today come in this size.

corner toilet rough in

However some old toilets like the old Eljer corner toilets used to be 10 inch rough-in.

You can check whether you have a 12 rough in by measuring out 12 inches on both sides of the corner wall, then drawing out two perpendicular lines until they intersect.

(If you measure diagonally from the wall corner, you’ll get a 16 or 17 inches rough in distance.)

If the rough-in is a bit shorter or longer, you can adjust it a inch or two by using a toilet offset flange.

Corner Toilet Installation

These type of toilets are more difficult to install than regular toilets. That’s why there aren’t any corner one piece toilets. All of them are two piece toilets with separate toilet tank and bowl.

Also some models are designed better with ease of installation in mind. While all brands will say their toilets are easy to install, check customer comments on online stores like Amazon and Home Depot. This way, if they are more difficult than others you will to come across comments about it.

As they are more difficult to install, its better to get a plumber than DIY. Plumbers already have the wrench, tools and experience to adjust in case the supply line or rough-in aren’t correct.

For most models today you also have to get wax rings, floor bolts, and sometimes even bolt covers.

Maintenance & Repairs

Get a product that’s easy to maintain and easy to find parts for repairs and replacement.

Normally, you will need to replace toilet seats every few years. And flush mechanisms, might last 5 to 10 years before they fail.

So you must be able to replace them without having to buy a new one. Usually its easy to find replacement parts for popular models that have been on sale for longer periods of time.

How to Install a Corner Toilet

Here is a video tutorial with a step by step guide of how to fit install a corner toilet from beginning to end.

Corner Toilet Frequently Asked Questions

Are Corner toilets any good?

Yes, they are good. Triangular tank and compact design of corner toilets lets you install the toilet in a corner of a small bathrooms or powder room, thus save space taken up by the toilet and create space to install other facilities.

How much space is needed for a corner toilet?

Most corner toilets measure 33 inches in length, 19 inches width and 30 inches in height. In addition, building codes require at least 24 inches of clear space in front of the toilet and 15 inches of clear space from the center of the toilet to the side walls.

How do you measure the rough in for a corner toilet?

For a 12 inch rough in corner toilet, start by measuring out 12 inches on either sides of the corner walls and then draw out two perpendicular lines until they intersect. The intersect will be the center of the toilet flange drain hole.

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