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My bathroom floor is about 20 years old (I know, I’m in line for a renovation soon!) and is showing signs of wear and tear. Mostly this makes the tiles, and the grout, look dingy. I regularly clean and mop but, sometimes, they just need more of a deep, penetrating, clean to help them look their best, and to help me delay that renovation. This is the best tile floor cleaner machine list I came up with when looking for mine. Find out below which one I chose, and why!

Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machine Sneak Peak


How to Choose a Tile Floor Cleaner Machine

I had no idea what to look for when I was looking for my tile floor cleaner machine. Honestly, I had no idea there were so many options to consider! But, once I looked at all the models out there, I had a better idea of what I needed to fit my cleaning requirements, and budget. Here are the options to consider when looking for a bathroom tile cleaner machine.

Cleaning Method

There are two general cleaning methods to consider when looking at a tile floor cleaner machine.

  1. Spin Scrubber. Good old fashioned scrubbing is one of the best ways to remove dirt and grime from tile floors. Machines that use spin scrubbers take care of all the hard work while scrubbing deep into tile grooves and grout lines to remove built up dirt.
  2. Steam Cleaner. Using steam takes most of the manual labor out of tile cleaning. The steam lifts and releases dirt so that it can be more easily wiped away. Steam is also a natural anti-bacterial method; allowing you to sanitize at the same time as cleaning.
  3. BONUS: Spin Scrubber and Steam Cleaner. A combination of scrubbing brushes and steam hits the jackpot on getting bathroom floor tiles super clean. The steam helps to release the dirt and greasy grime, and then the scrubber gets deep into the grooves and grout lines to finish off the job.

Machine Size

Bathroom floor tile cleaners are available in a few sizes; ranging from portable scrubbers you can use attached to a drill to large scale industrial type machines. Which you choose depends on how you are going to use it.

Floor space. How much floor space do you intend on cleaning with the bathroom floor tile cleaner? You likely don’t want to invest in a large scale machine if your bathroom is relatively small. However, if you have a large bathroom with a lot of tile, and can use the machine in other tiled areas of your home (such as kitchens or entrance ways), then a larger scale machine may be the best option.

Cleaning Frequency. This, of course, depends on how quickly the floors get dirty. My husband and I share our small bathroom; I give it a deep clean once a month so a small machine works well for me. Families with larger bathrooms, and larger families, may find that the floors require deep cleaning more often. This may lead to having a larger machine to manage the more frequent cleaning or, alternately, it may mean that a smaller, more-easily-grabbed version is better to get the job done.

Budget. Of course, the size of machine you purchase depends on the budget that you have also. Larger machines are obviously going to be more expensive but they are also an investment; a piece of cleaning equipment that will last many, many year.


This really goes back to machine size again; smaller machines will maneuver much more easily and are better suited to smaller, tighter spaces. While larger machines tend to be a little bit harder to move around. However, using swivel wheels, or hoses and brushes can increase the maneuverability of large machines also.

Temperature Control

Some tile floor cleaner machines are equipped with built in water reservoirs – and some of these can offer varied water temperatures as part of the cleaning cycle. Using warm, or hot, water can make the cleaning process that much more efficient.

Detergent Options

If the tile cleaner has an on-board detergent sprayer, determine if you can use different types of detergent or if you need to use the ‘name brand’ detergent for that model.


Whether it’s extra scrub brushes, different shapes of mop heads, or hoses to extend the working area; check out which accessories are included (or not) when making your selection.

Corded or Cordless

Finally, the option of corded or cordless models. Corded models typically have more power, but then you need to have available electrical outlets and have to manage the cord as you clean. Cordless models are more convenient but you need to ensure you keep them charged up and use them at the top charge level for greatest effectiveness.


Best Tile Floor Cleaner Machine: 13 Grunge Busting Options

The Bissell SpinWave almost takes care of mopping your tile floor for you! It leaves floors spin and span with hardly any effort at all.

The water, and cleaning solution, are on board and can be dispensed with the click of a button. The rotating pads have enough texture to them to get into the nooks and crannies of tiles and grout lines and the swiveling head ensures you can reach everywhere. The pads themselves are easily removable and can be tossed in the washer and dryer ready for next time.

The machine is also whisper quiet; no loud motor or grinding sound.

This brand name tile floor cleaner machine is top notch.

  • Rotating pads get tiles and grout clean
  • On board water and cleaning solution
  • Whisper quiet
  • Brand name and affordable
  • Best used with recommended cleaning solution
  • More of a mop than a scrubbing machine

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A lightweight, cordless mop designed to make it easy to get to where you need it, and powerful enough to get the job done once it’s there.

To me, cordless often means underpowered and short usability; but this electric mop features a strong battery with a long life. It is lightweight and highly maneuverable, using self propelling technology to help get the most out of the spinning cleaning pads. It also has a super convenient LED ‘headlight’ – I don’t know about you but my bathroom has some dark corners; this little feature makes a ton of difference!

  • Lightweight, cordless, and powerful
  • LED headlight illuminates all the corners
  • Strong battery with a long life
  • Self propelled and highly maneuverable
  • On board water tank is a little small
  • Cleans well, but doesn’t really scrub

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If you’re looking to really scrub that bathroom floor, then a spin scrubber is what you’re looking for. This multi-brush cordless spin scrubber is built for deep cleaning floors, tiles, bathtubs and more.

Its quick-charging, powerful motor will help you whip through even the grungiest of tile and grout situations.

Three, interchangeable, brushes are included. A traditional, round, flat brush for flat surfaces. A round headed brush for bathtub and sink curves. And a pointed brush to really get into the corners behind doors, along baseboards, behind toilets, and in front of vanities.

A telescopic handle helps you reach up, under, or around just about any place near or far. No more hunching, kneeling, or bending over required.

  • Three brush heads included
  • Powerful, quick charging motor
  • Telescopic handle
  • Applying pressure can cause loss of power

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4. LOSUY Spin Scrubber: Grunge Can’t Hide From 7 Brush Heads

The LOSUY spin scrubber takes the tile floor cleaner machine beyond the bathroom with all its features!

With seven interchangeable brush heads, there is an attachment for every application from tile bathroom floors to buffing your car:

  • Large, round, flat brush
  • Small, round, flat brush
  • Pointed brush
  • Flat scrubbing pad
  • Flat sponge pad
  • Flat soft, absorbant pad
  • Flat soft, buffing pad

A powerful 25W motor spins at a maximum 400 RPM. The LED screen indicates the battery level and it charges quickly between uses.

The telescopic handle can be removed for hand use, or extended to a few positions for reaching floors and corners that previously would be difficult to get to.

  • Seven interchangeable brush heads
  • Powerful motor with quick charging
  • Telescopic handle
  • Two power levels
  • On/off switch is located on the spin brush head rather than the handle

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Fun fact; in my childhood we just called the vacuum cleaner the ‘hoover’. This brand has stood the test of time and, considering the price and the reviews this FloorMate Deluxe is pulling in, it is still first in class when it comes to floor cleaning.

This machine washes and dries floors. The dual tank design allows it to deliver clean water to the scrubbing pads and then sucks it up into a separate tank ensuring that the solution used to clean the floors is, itself, always clean. Drying the floor behind it decreases cleaning time as you no longer have to wait for the floor water to evaporate.

It is light, and as easy to maneuver as a vacuum cleaner.

The Hoover brand, and the price point on this machine, make it the best tile floor cleaner machine of this type.

  • Tile/Grout brush and hardwood floor brushes included
  • Dual tank design
  • Washes as well as dries the floors
  • Scrubbing brushes do not reach entirely to baseboards
  • No steam function

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If you have a lot of tile flooring to clean, or if your tile floor is heavily used, then investing in a heavy duty machine is worth it.

Smaller tile floor cleaner machines work on the same premise as the Prolux Floor Buffer, but this model takes it to the next level. The random orbit motor ensures that the pads rotate in a random manner to avoid the circular patterns that can occur with traditional buffer heads that only spin in one direction. It is powerful, yet easy to use.

The 50 ft extension cord, and adjustable handle, allow you to easily move from room to room and the included multi-surface pads will clean any surface that needs a good scrubbing.

Buy once and buy right; this industrial strength floor cleaner will do it all for a very, very long time.

  • Random orbit motor
  • Multiple surface scrubbing pads included
  • Adjustable handle and 50 ft cord
  • Powerful yet maneuverable
  • Pads don’t attach to the machine so may sometimes come off
  • Expensive (but worth it)

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The Oreck Orbit floor cleaner is another commercial, heavy-duty, option that works well if you need deep cleaning regularly.

Not only will it scrub and clean ceramic tile and grout, it can also be used to buff and polish hardwood floors, clean vinyl floors, and dry clean carpets. There is no flooring surface in your home that cannot be cleaned by this versatile machine.

The powerful orbital motor helps the cleaner glide over flooring surfaces without leaving any telltale swirls or brushmarks. It is highly maneuverable; there will be no stopping you with a 50 ft cord included.

This is the tile cleaner machine that will change how you clean your floors.

  • Random orbit pattern
  • Includes drive pad holder to securely hold cleaning pads
  • 50 ft cord reaches just about anywhere
  • Pads and cleaning solution sold separately

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8. Shark Steam Mop: The Power Of Deep Clean Steam

Steam cleaning ups the game when it comes to tile floor cleaning machines. Offering both scrubbing and sanitizing, these machines are perfect for home use.

Steam provides hot moisture to help remove stuck on grime, allowing the rotating scrubbing pads to do the mechanical work of removing the dirt easily. The heat of the steam sanitizes as it cleans, leaving behind a cleaner than clean floor for your family to enjoy.

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The Shark Steammop features to powerful steam modes and two scrubbing pads. It can be used on tile floors as well as stone and hardwood also.

It’s easy to use, small enough to maneuver around your entire home. and tucks away in the smallest closet.

  • Two powerful steam modes
  • Scrubbing pads
  • On board water tank
  • Water tank is a little small and requires frequent refilling
  • Not great on very roughly surfaced floors

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This is an all-in-one solution for cleaning floors in your home. It vacuums, sweeps, cleans, and sanitizes all with the push of a button.

Useful for hard floors of all types: hardwood, tile, stone, laminate, vinyl. The easy touch digital control panel allows you to switch from vacuum to steam cleaning at the push of a button.

It is light (under 10 lbs!) and moves around easily to quickly get the job done. Well, actually, it gets TWO jobs done; because it is a powerful vacuum and a steam floor cleaner all in one. No more dragging the vacuum around and then having to fill the bucket, prepare the mop, and wash the floors. One and done!

THIS is the best tile floor cleaner machine! In fact, it is the one I ordered to help keep my own bathroom spic and span. I love it SO much!

  • Digital control panel
  • Vacuums AND steam cleans
  • PERFECT for pet households
  • Tough dirt patches require a second pass of the steam mop

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This high pressure steam machine will have the floors clean in no time! The 36 psi high-output steam offers superior performance using a built-in stainless steel boiler that superheats the water to provide the strongest steam cleaner available.

An integrated heat plate dries out the moisture left on the floor, resulting in a clean and dry tile floor.

It has multiple settings (including a contiuous steam setting) and can also be used on carpeted flooring.

  • High pressure steam output
  • Multiple steam settings
  • Cleans and dries in one motion
  • Time to steam-ready is 5+ minutes

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This canister style model is easy to move around and also features a triangular mophead to help really get into the nooks and crannies.

It’s utility package alone is impressive; boasting extension poles, brass and nylon scrubbing brushes, and mopping pads all together in a handy storage bag.

Perfect for use on tile bathroom floors as well as hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, and sealed granite floors.

  • Multiple accessories
  • Steam cleaning at 290 degrees
  • 45 minutes of continuous cleaning
  • Takes a while to heat the water to steam

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12. Samsung Jetbot Mop: Let The Robot Do The Work For You

This Jetbot mops takes the robotic vacuum trend to a whole new level. It’s smart sensor system cleans under things and into corners while avoiding walls, carpeting and furniture. It literally does the work for you!

The dual spinning pads remove dust and grime using the double water tanks to provide cleaning solution the whole time.

It is the ultimate leave-it-to-it tile floor cleaner solution.

  • Smart sensor system runs with no interaction
  • Dual spinning pads cleans as it runs
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • The battery could last longer
  • No app or ‘smart’ features available

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This is the best option if you have a big job to scrub up every once in a while. These brush heads attach to your drill and allow you to really deep clean tiles and grouting. I don’t think I would use them every day, or even every week, but if the grout is particularly grimey these attachments are an affordable, and simple solution.

  • Affordable, simple, scrubbing solution
  • There is nothing high tech about this option

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

So, which tile floor cleaner maching do YOU use?

Me? I used to use a separate spin scrubber and mop, but recently I got the Bissell Vacuum and Steam Mop…and I love, love, love it! My bathroom is small and this one gets into behind the toilet and up against the tub easily. I also have a cat that seems to shed more than I ever thought possible – the vacuum and steam mop combo saves me tons of time and, quite frankly, means the floors get mopped way more often now…which is a good thing.

What is the best way to deep clean tile floors?

Steam is, by far, the best way to deep clean tile floors. The super heated water works through the dirt and grime and then the mopping function can clean it away easily. Steam also sanitizes, leaving behind floors that are sparkling clean through and through.

How do professionals clean tile floors?

Professional use heavy duty, random orbit floor scrubbers. These machines – such as the Oreck and Prolux models above – have more powerful engines that drive the scrubbing pad in a way that maximizes cleaning power. The scrubbing pads really get into the roughest tile surfaces as well as the grout lines.

Can I add vinegar to the steam mop options?

While vinegar sounds like an inert substance to add to steam mop water, you should check the manufacturers instructions to ensure that doing so won’t void the warranty. All tile floor cleaner machines should come with instructions that help you determine the best way to use the product.


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