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There are several toilet alternatives for your rental property on the marketplace. However, selecting the best toilet for a rental property that has a forceful flush, is environmentally, and reasonably priced and it’s not a simple task.

For the benefit of our readers, we have conducted considerable research to assist you in selecting the finest toilet for rental property. Our review post will feature a buyer’s guide, toilet specifications, and frequently asked questions.

What type of toilet is more efficient?

Multiple flush system toilets use approximately 20% less water each year than traditional one-flush-only toilets, and many are WaterSense certified. You will pay a modest extra. Dual-flush toilets are 10% to 20% more expensive than traditional toilets.

What Is The Best Toilet for Rental Property

The top-rated toilets for your rental asset are shown below. We conducted extensive research before suggesting any toilet, including reviewing consumer reviews on Amazon. Let’s get started right now.

List based on characteristics:

  1. Top-rated toilet: Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet
  2. Best of overall: American Standard 2034314.222
  3. Top price toilet: TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet
  4. Best for dual flash: HOROW Small Short 1-Piece Toilet
  5. Top pick of KOHLER : KOHLER K-4007-0 San Souci Toilet
  6. Best for seat height: DeerValley DV-1F026 toilet
  7. Best for water-saving: American Standard 2886218.021

Here is the description of each product.

1. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

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The Camco 41541 compact toilet is built of Polyethylene plastic to ensure its durability. Interestingly, this porta toilet is designed to be quite utilitarian. The toilet is separated into two sections.

The flush tank, located at the upper portion of the toilet, stores 2.5 gallons of fresh water and is used to flush the toilet after usage. It also houses the toilet seat, dish, and lid.

The front of the toilet has a cover that lifts to allow you to throw in fresh water. The handle for the bellows-style pump that empties out the bowl is located on the other end of the cap.

The toilet bowl is emptied into the sewage tank through a draw lever located in front of the toilet. It is advised that you maintain this lever lubricated with olive oil to keep it from adhering and making it difficult to clear the bowl.

A clasp on either side of the trash tank connects the toilet to the trash tank and enables you to detach the two portions when you’re ready to discharge the waste.

In the package containing the toilet, you will get a trial of the anti-odor substances as well as the Camco 41541 instructions. Before putting it out on the street, it is recommended that you read the instructions and test all of the functional parts, especially filling the toilet with water and rinsing it.

2. American Standard 2034314.222

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The Champion 4 is the pinnacle of clog-free efficiency, with a flush that is quicker, more forceful, and quieter than a normal toilet and capable of moving a 70 percent bigger load. Our Right Range toilets have a 16-1/2″ rim height to improve your comfort and convenience of usage.

This modern one-piece form has our unique EverClean surface, which is simple to wash and lasts longer. Our unique slow-closing toilet seat, which eliminates seat banging for a calmer, more serene family, is also featured.

It’s an instrument that enables itself to stay clean for a longer period of time. The method includes a permanent glazing component directly into the flow piping to safeguard the pipes against mold, yeast, seaweed, and fungus, which might cause pipe damage or discoloration.

The incredibly smooth reflective surface EverClean finish of toilets is simpler to maintain clean, even after years of usage. This means you’ll spend a little less time tidying and more time having fun.

Using the toilet and sinks should not put unnecessary strain on your body. As a result, we created items with the human shape in mind. Using a sink or toilet should not be difficult. Just right.

American Standard provides a comprehensive selection of items that comply with ADA rules and ANSI A117.1 regulations. American Standard features ADA items to complement practically every bathroom design, from taps and tubs to basins and toilets.

Our inventiveness is on display with the Quick Connect drainage and toilet assembly solutions.

3. TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet

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Any householder seeking a small one-piece toilet with a beautiful, modern style will appreciate the Toto Ultramax II. It’s among the most eco-friendly brands, requiring only 1.28 liters of water every flush.

With such low water use, the Ultramax II will more than pay on its own in water reuse over other models. The one-piece construction eliminates the possibility of leaks and makes cleaning simple.

The Toto Ultramax II toilet is among the most ecologically friendly toilets worldwide, using just 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF). Even while water-saving toilets are becoming increasingly popular, most still need 1.6 gallons or more to provide a decent flush. The Toto Ultramax II pushes the envelope without losing its flushing ability.

Another method this toilet expands on the classic design is with the Toto Tornado flush. During the wash, this flushing mechanism draws water into the bowl to generate a cyclonic movement that assists clear the bowl by capturing waste and departing with great force.

The Ultramax II toilet measures 16.8 inches from the ground to the seat before fitting an easy-close lid and 17.25 inches after installation.

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CEFiONTECT glaze is a bread coating that creates a solid texture inside and outside of the bowl, preventing anything from adhering to it. In the U.s.a, there are three popular toilet heights. The average height is between 13 and 15 inches.

These higher chairs are significantly simpler to get into and out of, particularly if you are longer or have hip or leg difficulties. However, many doctors advise utilizing a step ladder once seated to get through a stronger place while using them.

The step stool does not seem to be enormous or costly to be useful, and it can assist lessen the chance of hemorrhoids and constipation developing.

4. HOROW Small Short 1-Piece Toilet

If you like to bundle a lot of power into a little container, Horow’s HWMT-8733 is a wonderful choice. This miniature toilet would measure 26 inches deep, 14 inches wide, and 27.9 inches in height.

In any other manner, it looks to be a standard commode – although a beautiful one.

It has a fresh style that can be utilized in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. The flush is controlled by a beautiful chrome tap on the vessel’s top.

The trap path is also concealed to create a nice finish and to conceal any locations where dirt may accumulate. Furthermore, don’t be concerned if a small toilet means a crowded seat.

This is a classic extended bowl shape. The tank shape and proportions are decreased, resulting in a smaller bottom of a traditional toilet. Following the flush, it has low levels of water at the bottom.

The explosion is also deafeningly quiet. A smooth seat is also provided to reduce rattling when using the bathroom. It is an excellent option if you require a toilet to keep harmony in a large restroom.

5. KOHLER K-5172-0San Souci Toilet

Buyers love the tiny, yet strong toilet. The style is contemporary, and despite its small size, it provides a good user experience. The flush is effective, resulting in a clean bowl. “It looks fantastic and cleanses with very little water.”

Kohler San Souci distinguishes out among its competitors because of its clean appearance. The combination of the reduced tank and the comfortable height makes this toilet an ideal option. Furthermore, the larger bowl allows for additional leg space and improved comfort.

The Kohler San Souci toilet is a water-saving toilet that claims to save 16,500 gallons of fresh water annually. This model uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is much less than previous versions. Despite using less water, this model delivers rapid and forceful flushes that completely eliminate waste in a single flush.

Because the Kohler San Souci toilet is EPA WaterSense approved, you may be eligible for water bill refunds. The contained tramway construction ensures that all waste is removed from the toilet. When shutting the seat, the silent, grip-tight toilet seat avoids unintentional slamming or other loud noises.

When it comes to monitoring, the surface layer is among the most crucial features a toilet should have. If a toilet does not have a coating, feces will likely adhere to the surface of the basin after every use, making cleaning a pain. The San Souci toilet is composed of solid china, which is a very hard product for toilets. The concept is not only clean and simple, but it is also available in a broad range of colors.

6. DeerValley DV-1F52816 toilet

Height adjustment design that is both modern and comfy. The seat lid shuts quietly. The dual-flush function is great for saving water. It is simple to set up and maintain. To make setup and usage easier, a seat and wax ring was supplied. The glazing surface is self-cleaning, making upkeep easier.

One-piece design that is both modern and comfortable. Ideally suited to your little bathroom; Siphon flushing results in a totally coated flush. No clogs, amazingly and forceful flush. Dual-flush that is extremely efficient;

The toilet is simple to install and maintain. Toilet seats and wax rings are supplied to make assembly and usage easier, and the tramway is hidden from view. The glazed top is self-cleaning, making upkeep easier.

Simple to set up. The identity glazed coating is both appealing and simple to maintain. A wax circle and an upgraded UF rigid plastic seat are supplied. DeerValley always believes in our goods and takes care of each and every consumer.

DeerValley Bath has always prioritized the research and manufacture of bathroom items. We have outstanding factories to manufacture our elevated items, a flawless after-sales support system, and we are dedicated to supplying exceptional stylish designs. We’ve been expanding

7. American Standard 215AB004.020 Cadet Pro

The American Ideal 215AB004.020 Cadet Pro has a lovely style, but it’s also a functioning unit with many helpful functions. This is an elevated toilet with excellent flushing efficiency and water-saving capabilities to help you save money. The extended design contributes to the visual appeal, but it also serves a functional purpose.

The increased height complies with current ADA seating regulations, and there is plenty of room for pleasant sitting. This toilet is ideal for taller individuals and those with impairments. Despite its added height, if properly placed, this toilet feels durable and reliable.

The Cadet flushing mechanism is a notable feature, consuming only 1.6 gallons every flush while maintaining efficiency. The power flushing motion is aided by the power wash rim, which gently washes the toilet bowl with each wipe.

This guarantees that all trash is eliminated and that nothing adheres to the bowl’s bottom. A chrome-plated safety button on the front of the toilet flushing tank activates the flush. The tramway is glazed to increase sanitary features, promoting cleaning without using excessive water.

Consideration to pick The Best Toilet for Rental Property

Everything with a beautiful extended bowl and plastic seat would suffice for a basic repair and flip. Long-term rentals require a tank with a strong connection to the bowl, ideally a three-point connection, so that the tank does not wobble when the renter flops their big ol’ butt on the seat after just coming out of the bath.

The low-cost Glacier Bay employs a two-bolt connection with a flimsy gasket in between, allowing the tank to wobble and shatter if someone pulls back into it. Inquire as to how I understand this!!! I’ve always liked the Kohler Wellworth Lite with an expanded basin.

If you would like to brag, connect it to a slow-closing toilet seat, which will come in handy when the kids want to perform a seesaw with the seat. Consider the long term rather than the short term.

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There are a few crucial factors to consider while looking for the finest toilet for rental property.

1. Durability

A sturdy toilet is required for each rental home. You would like something that will last for a long and not decomposes or requires continuous maintenance.

It’s also vital to look for one with a decent warranty so that if anything goes wrong, you can simply have it replaced without having to pay cash! If you have renters that are rough on their toilets, think about investing in a more expensive brand built of greater materials (such as this American Standard Champion 4 Toilet) rather than a lesser alternative that may not last.

The finest ones should offer a minimum ten-year warranty to ensure that nothing goes wrong during their existence!

2. Low Price

Cost is among the most crucial factors to consider. If you’re seeking to buy a toilet for your rental property, you’re probably on a tight budget and looking for the best deal.

The best part is that there are many excellent restrooms available at reasonable prices! When deciding between two similar products, always choose the less expensive alternative.

Some of our favorite low-cost toilets include:

  • Wellworth Two-Piece Elongated Toilet by Kohler
  • Cadet 3 Round Front Toilet by American Standard
  • SM-1T254 Swiss Madison Elongated One Piece Toilet

All of these toilets are low cost and have excellent capabilities and functions.

3. Water Saving

Another critical factor to consider is water consumption. Pick a good toilet with a dual flush function if you want to conserve water.

Dual flush toilets consume up to half the amount of water while flushing and have grown in popularity over the years owing to their environmental advantages.

The American Standard Cadet 3 toilet is a wonderful option if you want a toilet that is both water-efficient and inexpensive. It’s a round front toilet that consumes just water every flush, making it one of the most energy-efficient types available.

Choose the Swiss Madison SM-1T254 if you want something a little more opulent. It’s an extended one-piece toilet with dual flush technology and a stylish appearance in any bathroom.

4. Level of Noise

When using a potty at a rental property, keep in mind that you will most likely have visitors staying in other sections of the residence. That is why it is critical to select a toilet that is silent when emptied.

This condition is met by all of the restrooms on our list and, some are calmer than others. The silent option is required for the Kohler Wellworth and American Standard Cadet 3 toilets.

5. Installation Cost

If you’re looking for a commode for your rental property, the possibility is you’re on a tight budget and looking for the cheapest option.

When deciding between two identical designs, have to go with the less expensive choice in terms of installation fees. One-piece toilets are simple to set up than two-piece versions since they have fewer components and require less effort.

However, this is not always the case! Some one-piece lavatories may need additional time and effort during the setup process. Always contact an expert for an exact projected cost when it comes to setup.

How to install a toilet

Installing a toilet in the USA standard is not a simple task. But if you follow the proper steps then you should read our other post on installing the process of the USA standard toilet.

Tips for Hard Water

Controlling hard water spots and mineral deposits before they become a concern is the best approach to prevent hard water stains. Some cleaners contain bleach, which can aggravate hard water stains. And also you can use a toilet for hard water.

How to Remove Cast Iron Cleanout Plug

If the plug remains difficult, tap it hard round with a ball-peen hammer and a cold chisel on one surface of the nut. After that, proceed to the next face. Hammer on the jammed cleanout plug until it is flexible enough to lift with a wrench. Read this post for more information about removing Cast Iron Cleanout Plug

How To Clean a Toilet

The Toto one-piece toilet has an expanded bowl form that is excellent for larger bathrooms. It boasts a simple hole-free rim and two spray nozzles that generate a centrifugal cleansing spray, enhancing the force of the toilet’s flush while using no more than 1.28 GPF. For more clear idea, you have to read our excellent post on the process of cleaning a Toto toilet.

FAQ on the Best Toilet for Rental Property

Q: Is a dual flush toilet better?

A: Double flush toilets are ideal for individuals seeking an eco-sustainable and water-saving bathroom solution. The user may correctly distribute the right quantity of water every flush by providing both a full and half flushing choice (based on the kind of waste), conserving a lot of cash per month on water charges.

Q: Is a power flush toilet worth it?

A: You will not only save money and time, but you will also limit the number of toxins entering the environment. The two components will not contribute to higher moisture in your bathroom since it prevents moisture and perspiration.

Q: Are rimless toilets a good idea?

A: Are Rimless Toilets Worth It? The quick statement is true, they are worth the investment since they are substantially easier to clean, consume less water, and perform more effectively than their rimmed rivals.

Q: What is the easiest toilet to clean?

A: A one-piece toilet is more convenient than other types of toilets. They integrated the tank and bowl into a unified design that makes them exceedingly easy to maintain.

Q: What are the cons of a dual flush toilet?

A: The disadvantages of a double flush toilet are simplicity of use, upkeep, and sanitation. Those dual systems are perplexing. If you press the incorrect flush key, you will have to empty it again, which defeats the objective of the toilet, which is to conserve water.

Q: How do I know if a toilet is good for a rental property?

A: When shopping for the best toilet for your rental home, examine the model’s longevity, water use, and sound levels.
All of the potties on our list are excellent rental alternatives, but some are superior to others.

Q: What is a dual flush toilet?

A: A double flush toilet consumes less water than a regular toilet. This toilet features two flushing keys, one for gentle flushing and one for more strong flushing. Because of its eco-benefits, dual flush toilets are becoming incredibly common.

Q: Can I install a toilet myself?

A: It is dependent on the design! One-piece toilets are often easier to set up than two-piece toilets, but it’s always a good idea to check with an expert

Q: What should I do if my toilet is clogged?

A: If your toilet is blocked, use a plunger to unclog it. If that doesn’t perform, contact a professional plumber immediately

Q: What should I do if my toilet leaks?

A: The first step you should do if your toilet is leaking is to adjust the bolts that ensure stability. If it doesn’t help, the seal or washer may require to be replaced. For more significant leaks, contact a skilled plumber

Final verdict

It might be difficult to select the best toilet for your rental property. However, using this guide, you should be ready to choose the ideal model for your requirements.

Before choosing your final pick, keep in mind the lifespan, water use, and sound levels of each model. If you are having issues with your present toilet, be careful to verify with a skilled plumber.

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