Buyers Guide for an American Standard Toilet

History of the American Standard Company

American Standard started as the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company (SSMC), back in 1895. As one of the first plumbing and fixture manufacturers in the United States, SSMC quickly grew to become a highly influential company.

They were at the forefront of advances to modern plumbing such as widespread indoor plumbing, the creation of the one-piece toilet, and combination faucets.

In 1967, the company changed its name to American Standard, and then in 2008 American Standard merged with fellow companies Crane Plumbing and Eljer to form the American Standard Brands we know today. 

American Standard manufactures not only toilets, but everything needed for a complete home bathroom, and even some kitchen appliances. This includes showers, tubs, sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, towel bars, toilet paper holders, and of course toilets and toilet seats. 

The company’s general design leans towards clean lines, minimal frills, and classic colours. Within those guidelines, they’ve still produced products that fall into one of four distinct design categories; traditional, transitional, modern, and innovative.

Collections range from the classically elegant Delancey, which uses traditional materials and subtle ornamentation to inspire a feeling of old-money class, to the ultra-modern Times Square collection featuring sleek lines and blocky, geometric angles. 

Buyers Guide for an American Standard Toilet

Customizing your home requires taking into consideration lots of details. Toilets are no exception.

Let’s break down the details you need to consider when searching for the perfect fit.

WaterSense Technology

You may have noticed the EPA WaterSense certification on some American Standard toilet models. But what does it mean?

This certification signifies that the Environmental Protection Agency has recognized that particular toilet as a high-efficiency toilet; these toilets tend to use 20% less water, without compromising performance.

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Water efficiency can create significant savings on your water bills while making a positive environmental impact. That’s great news, considering that your toilet is responsible for the majority of water use in the home!

ADA Compliance

American Standard has made a concentrated effort to design products that meet or exceed the standards recommended by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes Right Height toilets that are more accessible to people in wheelchairs, walk-in bathtubs, and showers with textured bases for better grip. 

Almost every design collection offers ADA-compliant options. These features are not only necessary for people with disabilities or limited mobility, but many also add convenience or comfort to abled people as well. 

Their website also includes a comprehensive article on how to better incorporate ADA-compliant design in your bathroom. 

Eco-friendly & Economical

With the current change in our climate, it is vital to invest in an eco-friendly toilet that doesn’t harm the environment. Eco-friendly toilets consume less water while flushing, helping you reduce your water bills and save thousands of gallons of water every year.

Replacing the old flushing toilet in your house with a new-age model can save you as much as 25% of a home’s daily water usage. According to a law passed in 1995, a toilet can’t use more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. If your toilet requires multiple flushes to wipe out all traces of waste, it’s time to switch to a new one.

 Toilet Seat Details

Toilet seats usually don’t come with the toilet, leaving you with the hassle of purchasing one separately. So, before making a purchase, make sure that you read the list of a toilet’s features to determine if it comes with everything you’re looking for, including a seat. Toilet seats come with various features, such as soft-close features, heating features, etc. You can choose the seat that meets your preferences to improve your bathroom experience.

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Flush Mechanism

Like most toilets, all American Standard toilets come with a flush valve. Single or dual flush is something to consider. A dual flush toilet lets you choose the water usage: either 1.28 gpf or 1.6 gpf. In both cases, power is the same, and efficiency is maintained. Both are eco-friendly.

✓  Design Style

Designing the inside of your bathroom is something that most homeowners take part in, from customizing the tiles to the paint. But what many forget is the design of the toilet. American Standard toilets come in many different sizes, finishes, and heights, all in different price ranges. They can even come wall- or floor-mounted, whichever you prefer.

Water Consumption

As law mandates, all manufactured toilets in the U.S. cannot use more than 1.6 gallons per flush, which led manufacturers to create new technology in toilets that will maintain the same power while using less water. An EverClean surface will help clean everything that comes it’s way, reducing the number of flushes needed.

Dimensions (Will it Fit?)

They are 27 to 30 inches deep, 21 to 31 inches high, and about 20 inches wide. In most cases, traditional toilet seats are 15 1/2 inches from the ground, which, for decades, had been considered the most comfortable height.

Installation Steps

Compared to traditional units, they offer a much simpler and faster installation. For example, consider the drain assembly and adjustment. Often this is one of the trickiest parts of installing a new toilet. Traditional toilet drains have around 15 parts to assemble, whereas American Standard drains have only 2. As well the seal on their drains is very tight, and the lift rods come pre-adjusted at the correct height.

Our Ending Thoughts

American Standard is a high-quality, efficient brand, based right here in the United States. We love how they manage to combine classic functionality with inventive design and innovation. Everything American Standard produces, from their most basic toilet model to the most high-tech, is made with beautiful materials and thoughtful craftsmanship.

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