Do Sauna Suits Help You Lose Weight? (Pros & Cons)

Sauna suits are waterproof clothes or overalls designed to retain heat within and cause the wearer to perspire. As you exercise, heat and sweat stay inside the suit, inducing the body to lose water and cut fats.

Many professional sportspeople exploit sauna suits before matches to shed weight fast. However, the general public has also shown interest in this equipment and whether it can offer them any benefits.

In this article, we’ll outline the multiple body perks of prolonged sauna suit use. Read on and learn how to exploit sauna suits properly to lose weight the healthy way.

Can Sauna Suits Aid To Losing Weight?

Does a sauna suit help lose weight? This question is one of the most frequently asked by people looking for efficient ways to become fit. The most straightforward answer is that it depends on your lifestyle. Wearing a sauna suit itself can’t help you get thinner, but it can urge your metabolism to burn calories.

Several factors have an impact on whether and how much weight you will lose. Above all, you will have to work out, consume a lot of water, and reduce your calorie intake. Balancing all these aspects will help you cut weight and stay healthy along the way.

If you wonder why people shed more pounds when exercising in a sauna suit, this is due to the increased sweating and fat loss. Moreover, the blood glucose, fat oxidation, and body fat percentage of overweight and obese exercisers improve significantly in the process.

What’s The Average Weight I Can Lose In A Sauna Suit?

Besides professional boxers and wrestlers, an increased number of people are gradually getting hooked on sweatsuits. Wearing a sauna suit during physical exercise to lose weight has become a usual sight among ordinary people. We often see people wearing nylon and PVC suits in gyms and on playgrounds.

Undoubtedly, sauna suits contribute to weight loss. But how many pounds can you expect to shed on average? Research shows that you may lose up to two pounds a week with a regular workout in a sauna suit. More so, you may burn about 1,000 calories per month.

In a word, sauna suits are ideal for your long-term fitness goals. Provided you exercise regularly and eat healthily, you can lose up to four pounds of fat a year. Eager wearers combine several techniques, such as sauna suits, vigorous exercise, and strict diets to cut weight fast.

Step-By-Step Guide On Losing Weight With A Sauna Suit

Following specific guidelines while working out in a sauna suit can help you stay fit and healthy. After all, losing weight through sweating is a far-reaching goal and requires perseverance. Let’s take a look at this brief overview of how to lose weight fast.

  1. Look for a sauna suit well-fitted to your body online or in the stores. Selecting a high-quality brand is vital since you’ll be using the garment often. Go for sauna suits made of fabric that effectively generates body heat and activates sweating by exercise.
  2. Decide how many pounds you wish to lose per week or month. For instance, you may set a goal of losing four pounds per month. Put your plans on paper and record your progress regularly. Even better, try involving a friend in the process to give you honest feedback.
  3. Create a workout plan that consists of moderate and intensive exercise while wearing a sauna suit. Stay true to your goals to speed up the calorie and fat expenditure process.
  4. Follow a diet with higher protein content and fewer calories. Maintain your metabolism by taking several smaller meals. Also, never skip meals if you want to burn fat.
  5. Start exercising and keep yourself well-hydrated the entire time. Water plays a crucial role in fitness training, whereas dehydration can lead to poor performance. The ideal intake of liquids is about three liters per day.
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How Sauna Suits Work

A sauna suit is full-body clothing manufactured from nylon, rubber, PVC, or other non-breathable fabric. These garments also feature elastic cuffs and waistbands to trap heat. The rationale behind the concept is to induce heavy sweating while wearing the suit.

Stimulating weight loss through a sauna blanket or clothes is nothing new since people have been wrapping their bodies in plastic bags for decades. These suits, however, are purpose-built and most common among athletes. Regular use will help you stay fit and shed pounds quickly.

Upsides Of Exploiting A Sauna Suit During Workout

The market for sauna blankets, suits, and pants is continually increasing. Companies offering them emphasize gains such as weight loss and detoxification through clinical evidence to back up these claims is scarce. Below are some of the most significant benefits of sweating in a sauna suit while exercising.

1. Boosted Sweating

Sauna suits can trap body heat and increase perspiration as a result. The more you swelter, the less water the body retains. More specifically, sweating helps you lose a lot of water in the process.

What follows is an almost instant elimination of water weight. Hence, sauna suits have become widely accepted among athletes who prefer to lose a few pounds before the weigh-in in.

2. Body Detox

Sauna suits prevent the heat from leaving the body and make you sweat faster during a workout. As we all know, harmful toxins get flushed away during intense sweating. Hence, a sauna suit can help you get rid of the toxins stored beneath your skin.

3. Enhanced Metabolism

Using a sauna suit will speed up your metabolism due to the raised body temperature. The heat also stimulates a faster pulse rate and circulation. Hence, the blood gets pumped away from the organs.

Besides delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the body, increased metabolism can also break down fats. Next, your organism uses broken fats to convert them into energy. The more fatty acids get released, the more calories you’ll burn per workout session.

4. Weight Loss Aid

Research has shown that working out in suits gives the best results rather than exercising in regular clothes. The combined effect of detox and boosted metabolism will eventually lead to weight loss and maintenance. Even more, working out in a sauna suit will help you burn fat and lower sugar levels.

So, if you wonder how losing weight in a sauna suit is possible, the answer is from fluid loss. Yet, remember that such weight loss is temporary only, and you will regain it after you take food or drinks.

In short, wearing a sauna suit while exercising will burn calories but only to a limited extent. Working out in hot conditions stimulates your body to speed up oxygenating muscles and prevent overheating. As a result, you will experience a mild increase in calorie-burning.

5. Skin Cleansing

Thanks to the improved blood circulation and toxin elimination, exercising in a sauna suit will open clogged glands and pores. Next, exfoliation will increase and give your complexion a dewy and healthy appearance.

Deep sweating can further help in collagen production and acne elimination. Other benefits include anti-wrinkle treatment and alleviation of skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.

6. Promoted Healing

Another lesser-known sauna suit benefit is that it improves muscle and joint healing. Since heat stimulates blood circulation, the body can eliminate the lactic acid build-up faster and heal sore muscles. Joint discomfort will also get alleviated during a regular workout.

Moreover, when exposed to intense heat, organisms produce heat shock proteins. These natural products protect and grow muscle cells. Indeed, the best way to heal micro-tears in the muscles is to balance heat and exercise.

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7. Improved Immunity System

Many studies have demonstrated that intense heat can trigger the release of cell-repairing proteins. These proteins also maintain weak or affected cells and improve the defense of your immune system. Wearing sauna suits as you work out also helps in warding off infection to prevent cold and flu.

8. Better Cardio And Oxygen Uptake

One study shows that when you combine heat therapy and physical effort, you trigger the maximum oxygen uptake or VO2. People who work out in sauna suits achieve an 11.7% improvement in VO2max (the coefficient for cardiovascular endurance).

Hence, your lungs and heart health are another valuable addition to this long list of sauna suit benefits. Undoubtedly, working out in sweat clothes is beneficial to your overall health.

Downsides Of Wearing A Sauna Suit During Workout

Besides the numerous perks of using sweatsuits while exercising, eager individuals should pay attention to the risks they carry. Below is a summary of some aspects you should be aware of before getting into the suit.

1. Overheating Risk

Using a sauna suit during training will prevent the heat generated by your body from escaping. Unlike in a traditional sauna, where you sit and sweat, you may overheat while working out. In this case, the body cannot cool itself down, and you may suffer weakness, fainting, and fatigue.

If you’re a novice in the field, consider limiting the use to ten minutes at the onset. Even better, avoid working out in a sauna suit before testing it first. Meaning, try wearing sweat clothes before the workout sessions so you can check how your body reacts to them.

2. Temporary Weight Loss

What you may lose during working out in sauna suits is not the body but water weight. Hence, it’s possible to gain the weight you lost by sweating once you take off the garments and rehydrate.

Also, be aware if you are attempting to use sweat clothes to eliminate body tissue. Fast weight loss due to losing fluids and not body fat is only temporary.

3. Discomfort

Not everyone can stand working out enclosed in a tight, sticky material. Most sauna suits contain PVC or coated nylon cloth to make the wearer sweat profusely and retain the heat inside. When the tracksuit gets wet and salty, it can be uncomfortable to wear and prevent you from exercising with ease.

In this case, a sauna blanket may be a better option. Sauna blankets have the same perks as suits, but you may use them while resting at home.

4. Risk Of Dehydration

Excessive sweating for prolonged periods might lead to dehydration. Not taking enough liquids during a workout can lead to dizziness and fainting, thus affecting your health adversely.

Hence, never neglect continuous water intake while being active in the sauna suit. Dehydration is a severe condition that makes you prone to heatstroke and reduces your blood volume.

5. Need To Split Workouts

When training in a sauna suit, consider splitting your workout into sessions to maintain the safe hydration threshold. Avoid cardio training for over 20 minutes in a sauna suit to protect yourself from fatigue, dehydration, and fainting.

We suggest splitting the workout into chunks of 20 minutes each. Once you finish with the first one, take some time to rest and hydrate well. Then you can proceed with the remaining sets after taking a shower and giving your body some time to recover.

6. Kidney Damage

Your kidneys and liver are the most significant detoxifiers in your body, whereas sweating releases only traces of toxins. As the suit triggers profuse sweating, you lose both water and essential electrolytes.

Exaggerated sweating can deplete the electrolytes and result in kidney damage. Even worse, losing water weight without proper nutrition can lead to electrolyte imbalance. So, again, a moderate workout and constant hydration are essential for maintaining your health and fitness while in the sweatsuit.


Sauna suits have numerous benefits, including gradual weight loss, detoxification, and improved immunity. Yet, working out in a sauna suit might put you at risk if you disregard guidelines.

The rule of thumb is to always stay well-hydrated during vigorous exercise to replenish fluids. Plus, the best approach to cutting weight includes a combination of diet and workouts aligned with your fitness and health goals.

Feel free to share your experience with a sauna suit in the comment box below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on weight loss, too. And don’t forget to keep checking our site for more practical hacks.

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