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There are many reasons why you may have low water pressure, but what if it is just the hot water? The list of reasons for this is different from typical low water pressure. When it is just your hot water being affected, we have to look closer to find out why.

Reasons Why Your Hot Water Pressure Is Low

Shower Head And Faucets

When your water pressure is low, the first thing you should check is your appliances. This is especially true if it is only happening with one appliance. These appliances have mixing valves that control the amount of hot and cold water exiting your faucets.

If your shower head or faucets are causing low hot water pressure, there are many things that could be wrong.

low hot water pressure
shower head
  • Mixing valve is broken or worn out
  • Clogged shower head
  • Broken water pressure regulator
  • A valve is closed (main shut off valve, water meter valve, inline valves)
  • Water heater isn’t working properly
  • Leaking pipes within your shower
  • Worn out washers

Build Up Of Debris

If the low hot water pressure is happening in more than just one appliance, it may be a buildup of debris or sediment in your water unit. Debris and other sediment build up will occur after a while and needs to be cleaned out. This will create blockages that will lower your hot water pressure. To have this cleaned, call your local plumber to take care of it for you.

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Dirty Filter

Some hot water units have filters that will need to be cleaned or replaced over time. These blockages will reduce your hot water pressure. This is a very common issue and is easy to fix.


If you have a leak anywhere in your plumbing, this could cause a loss of water pressure in both hot and cold water. Check to make sure you don’t see any water spots on your walls, ceilings, or around exposed pipes. If you don’t notice anything, check to make sure your water meter is not picking up any signs of water when nothing is running. If you see that there are leaks in your home, you need to fix this as soon as possible. These leaks will lower your water pressure and increase your water bill. There is also a possibility that you will obtain water damage if it doesn’t get fixed.

low hot water pressure
leaking pipe
Leak in pipe

Blocked Pipes

If there is not a leak in your pipes, there could still be a blockage. This could be from rust, debris, hard water minerals, or results of corrosion. If the blockage is located in your toilet or sink drain, it will be much easier to unclog on your own. But if it is somewhere else in your plumbing that is more difficult to get to, it will need to be addressed by a plumber to get it unclogged.

Tempering Valve

The tempering valve in your hot water unit makes sure the water doesn’t get too hot. If this breaks or wears down, it can lower your hot water pressure. These are not too expensive to replace, so it is not a difficult fix.

tempering valve
tempering valve

Issues With Your Water Heater

Your water heater controls the hot water to your home. If there is anything wrong with it, it can create many problems with your hot water pressure. After so long it will be time to get a new water heater. Like all other appliances they will wear down over time. If your water heater is not that old, it may have been installed incorrectly or has a faulty part. Make sure you get your water heater installed by a professional to ensure it will last as long as it can.

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Final thoughts

If you have low hot water pressure, there are a few main reasons this could be happening. It is possible to fix these problems on your own, but there are some fixes that we recommend having fixed by a professional.

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