How Do You Drain a Hot Tub with a Hose Pipe?

Does it bother you that you do not know how to drain a hot tub even if you think yours is due for a cleaning? Maybe when you installed the hot tub, you opted for a valet arrangement, and now the service is costing way more than you bargained?

We understand every bit of this progression, and that is why we have put together this DIY step-by-step guide to help you drain and clean your hot tub beginning from today.

Also, we will examine the ideal time to change the water in your hot tub to generate the best result.

Why Should You Drain your Hot Tub Occasionally?

You should drain your hot tub from time to time for the simple purpose of cleanliness. Even the best hot tub needs washing occasionally. It is as simple as that.

Water generally has always been an excellent breeding environment for all forms of life to thrive. Bacteria and fungi especially will find their way into your hot tub no matter how well you cover it. The build-up of these organisms can even be deposited in gradual installments by you as you jump in and out of the tub.

These bacteria and fungi contaminate the system with time and make it less healthy to use. Their proliferation increases the likelihood of you contracting a skin infection from the water with continued use.

You should know that just like in ordinary swimming pools, there are systems put in place to ensure a self-purification of the water in the hot tub for a reasonable length of time before it becomes needful to drain the tub. The traditional purification systems involve the use of chlorine, ozone, bromine, or Salt Water Systems.

However, you should also know that whatever purification system you choose to apply to your hot tub will not last forever. To reduce the risk of health challenges, you should change the water in your hot tub when it is due for a change if you do not want it contaminated by harmful microorganisms or germs.

The purpose of putting this article together is to show you the easy steps you can take to drain, clean, and change the water in your hot tub. This exercise will ultimately eliminate the bacteria and fungi that pose health challenges when they contaminate your hot tub and host themselves on your skin over time.

How Often Should You Drain your Hot Tub with a Hose Pipe?

How Often Should You Drain your Hot Tub

The Salt Water System should be your choice for your tub’s purification if you are a very busy person. This purification system allows you the luxury to enjoy your hot tub for a long time.

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With the Salt Water System, you will bother less about changing the water in your hot tub as it reduces the frequency of draining the water to a minimum of once a year.

The use of other purification systems does not afford as much luxury as the Salt Water System. You will have to change the water in your hot tub at least every three months if you use the traditional chlorine or bromine purification systems.

Tools and Supplies for Draining hot tub with a Hose Pipe

These include:

  • Garden hose
  • A pump
  • Drain plugs
  • A spa cleaning solution
  • Cotton towel
  • Shop vacuum cleaner

How to drain a hot tub with Hose Pipe?

The steps you will take to drain your hot tub yourself are generally the same. Whether it is the two-person hot tub or any other kind, the process remains applicable to all types.

Step 1: Flush the Plumbing Lines of your Hot Tub

Step 1 Flush the Plumbing Lines of your Hot Tub

There are line flush products used to drive out the dirt and slime that have settled in the tubes over time. Driving out the gunk is the reason behind this step as it is in this slimy environment that most of the bacteria and fungi we spoke about flourish.

You should add the line flush product in the tub while the hot tub is still operating. When the hot tub is running, it ensures that the line flush product goes through every plumbing line in the hot tub.

The manufacturer specifies instructions for the addition of the line flush product on the body of the product. The amount of time to allow for the circulation of the product through the lines is also specified.

In peculiar cases where your hot tub has been dirty for a long time, you may have to use your discretion to allow more time for the line flush product to circulate properly through the pipes before you move to the next step of draining your hot tub.

Step 2: Switch off the Power Supply to your Hot Tub

Step 2 Switch off the Power Supply to your Hot Tub

Turn off the hot tub after you have flushed the plumbing lines and are ready to drain off the water. This step is essential as it is not suitable for the life of the tub to have it running while empty.

There is also the danger of possible electrocution when you are draining the tub containing such an amount of water without first turning it off.

Step 3: Remove the Drain Plugs to allow the Water Leak Out from the Hot Tub

Remove the Drain Plugs to allow the Water Leak Out from the Hot Tub

The drain plugs are located right at the base outside the hot tub. Disconnect the plugs and attach the garden hose in its place to direct the water either to the nearest drain, garden, or wherever you want it to go.

There are submersible pumps you can use to drain the water more quickly if you cannot wait for the much slower drain plugs where the water pressure flows at the force of gravity. These pumps are available for sale at local pool-supplies stores.

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While using the submersible pump, you should attach the hose to the pump and direct it to where you wish the water to go. Set the pump on each of the sits to suck up any residual water left in their grooves.

To drain the hot tub even much faster and save time, you can apply both methods simultaneously to get the water out.

Step 4: Clean the Filters

Step 4 Clean the Filters

To further save time, do the cleaning of the filters while the water is draining off the hot tub. Unscrew the filter plugs and take out the filters from the hot tub.

You will notice the color change as a result of dirt or gunk on the hot tub filter. Use water to wash them clean.

You may need to soak the filters in vinegar and water solution overnight if they are particularly filthy but not too severely coated in slime to consider a total replacement.

It is an ideal practice to replace the filters of your hot tub at least once every year.

Step 5: Blow out the Pipes or Plumbing Lines

Step 5 Blow out the Pipes or Plumbing Lines

This step is particularly essential if you did not flush the plumbing lines of the hot tub as you ideally should in step 1.

To blow out the pipes, you should unscrew the filter stands from their base to expose the holes in the internal plumbing. Use the plugs to close all but one of the openings left by the filter stands.

Plug the hose of your shop vacuum cleaner into the last hole and switch it to blow action instead of suck action. Turn the vacuum cleaner on to blow out the pipes. Repeat this process with all the openings each time, plugging all except the one you want to blow out.

You will notice some debris of dirt or gunk pumped out of the pipes along with residual water into the tub.  Switch the vacuum cleaner into sucking action and use it to suck up the remaining water left in the areas the pump cannot reach.

Step 6: Clean the Interior of the Hot Tub

Spray a cleaning solution in the tub and wipe it clean with a towel. A household cleaner like a vinegar and water solution could be used for this as well.

There are adsorbent spa cleaning products specially designed for this kind of cleaning. It may be necessary to rinse the tub with water and wipe it again with a towel to get off all the cleaning solutions.

Step 7: Refill the Hot Tub

Step 7 Refill the Hot Tub

Replace the filter stands. Put the filters back and replace the caps on all except the one through which you will pump water back into the system.

Insert a regular garden hose through it and allow water to flow into the unit. Once the tub is full, pull out the garden hose and replace the cap of the last filter.

Step 8: Add the Purification Chemical of Your Choice

You can choose any of the purification systems mentioned earlier in this article. The most common ones include chlorine, ozone, bromine, or Salt Water systems.

Step 9: Turn on the Power Supply

Turn on the power supply to the hot tub. Resist the urge to jump right in and give the water time to warm up.


In this article, we have presented clear information on why you need to drain your hot tub occasionally. Also, you have learned how frequently you should carry out this activity, depending on the purification system you use.

In addition, we have presented you with an exhaustive step-by-step DIY guide through which you can drain your unit. We implore you to always refer to these steps while you go about this activity.

We look forward to your feedback and please, feel free to send your questions on any part of this guide you need clarity on.

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