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Toto toilets are one-of-a-kind Japanese toilets. These toilets advertise perfect sanitation and disguise the noises of the toilet with the lovely sound of singing birds. If you are thinking to purchase the best Toto toilet, you’re probably wondering How To Clean Toto Toilet.

We all desire a clean, germ-free environment, and that is what toilets require. If you have newly installed a Toto toilet in your house, you must understand how to wash it.

Cleaning a toilet is critical to preventing germ spread. Toto toilets often called bidet toilets or washlets, include inner functions. Warm seats, automated sprays, quick flush, auto air filters, and disinfecting are all features of these toilets.

Toto toilets were originally made in 1980, and new features for sophisticated functionality were incorporated. Toto-toilets are currently installed in 80 percent of Japanese houses.

So, how about we get started on cleaning the Toto toilet? What cleaning products should be used in the bathroom? We also went through the step-by-step approach to cleaning Toto toilets and answered any questions that came up.

Preparation before cleaning your Toto toilet

Before you begin, we suggested reading the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning a Toto Washlet. Overall, the procedure is pretty similar to washing other toilets, but there are certain special concerns.

Certain cleaners, for example, can harm the Toto toilet’s electrical components, so make sure to pick one that is secure for your Washlet. The particular guidelines are available in the user manual that comes with your buy.

When using a cleaning, we also suggest wearing rubber gloves to help shield your hands while also keeping them clean. Before you begin the cleaning procedure, we suggest that you collect your cleaning products.

A suitable cleaner, paper towels, a sponge or scrubbing brush (if needed), a toilet bowl cleaner, and some freshwater are all required.

How To Clean Toto Toilet Properly

Before cleaning the Toto toilet, you have to need some tools.

Examine the prerequisites:

    • Pair of rubber gloves
    • Plastic apron
  • Toilet brush
  • Toothbrush
  • gel-based toilet bowl cleaner
  • Toto toilet stain removal
  • Paper towel
  • Sponge
  • Clean rags
  • Disinfectant for killing germs

Toto toilets are extremely fragile, with a significant risk of transmitting typhoid, cholera, and other hygiene-related diseases. As a result, it is critical that you spend time studying how to maintain a Toto toilet. Check out the whole important guide on cleaning a Toto toilet.

1. Clean the Interior of Your Toto Toilet

Wear your masks, coat, and protective gloves. They are necessary for safeguarding you from physical touch with viruses and germs. It also shields you from various toilet elements.

Begin scrubbing the toilet with a brush and hot water. Pour hot water over the outside of the toilet. Scrub all area debris minimum 2 to 3 times. When you’ve finished with the outside of the toilet, go on to the inside.

For this task, make use of a possible toilet cleaning. Take great care not to overlook any section of the bathroom. If you leave out any of the steps, the bacteria may overgrow.

2. Now Clean Surroundings Of Toto Toilet

The toilet cleaner should be sprayed on the toothbrush and the interior section of the toilet. Brush it carefully two or three times more. This is the most important stage, so go gently and deliberately.

Now, hit the flush key to get rid of any remaining debris. Flush the toilet 2 or 3 times for a cleaner toilet.

Finish by using a germ-killing solution to clean the inner surface. After that, use cloths to rub the toilet bowl, the target inside, and the toilet’s outer part.

Use ecologically friendly neutral cleansers with ph7 and prevent using bleach or acidic items.

3. Stain Removal From Toto Toilet

When you’ve finished building the inside, go on to the outer surroundings. Wipe the deep space since germs can gather there and cause hazardous bacteria transmission.

Remove any items from the toilet, including toys, tissue boxes, and other décor items.

Wiping off each individual object and completely with spray and dry cloths is how to wash the Toto toilet.

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Now, spray the toilet ground with a germ-killing sprayer. Wash the area well with a toothbrush, then dry it with fresh cloths.

How long should a Toto toilet last?

You can count on it to be dependable as long as you take adequate care of it. Most individuals find that their device lasts about 8 years before needing to be replaced, however, this can be based on how frequently you use it and your lifestyle.

Most individuals find that their device lasts about 8 years before needing to be replaced, however, this can be based on how frequently you use it and your lifestyle. Furthermore, the Toto Washlet may be used with other toilets if a specific adapter is employed.

When it comes to longevity, the Toto Washlet is on par with some of Europe’s best toilets. However, if you really want your device to last for long, you must perform periodic regular cleaning.

How Often Should We Clean Our Toto Toilet?

What to do to clean a Toto toilet 2021 and how frequently is a frequently asked question. It is mostly determined by how frequently you use the product and how many others use it.

To maintain high cleanliness standards, it may be a smart option to clean it on a regular, alternate day or weekly basis.

For example, a two-person household that uses the Toto toilet 5 to 6 times a day should try cleaning it at least 2 times per week.

To maintain sanitary requirements, a family with five or more persons should contemplate cleaning it every day. Better and more frequent cleaning with basic cleaning chemicals maintains your Toto toilet hygienic.

Wiping your washlet with a damp and gentle towel is to maintain a Toto toilet. Wring the wipe repeatedly, using enough of product for frequent cleaning.

If the Toto toilet is unclean, use a diluted kitchen cleaner, preferably a neutral one, using a soft, damp cloth. Wipe the solvent well, then use the fabric 2-3 times before polishing it.

You’re probably wondering what to do to clean a Toto washlet filter. So, for that, take a cloth or a toilet brush and wash it with water. Allow the items to sit for 2-3 minutes before flushing fully to create a clean appearance.

If you clean on a regular basis, you won’t need to apply harsh chemicals. You won’t have to use harsh cleaning chemicals if you wash on a regular basis.

Does My Toto Toilet Clean Itself?

Several Toto washlets rinse themselves and make life better. On a microscopic scale, Toto toilets feature a coarse ceramic layer that is prone to gathering bacteria and debris even when flushed.

Toto pans, which have a gloss on top, are the kind of cefiontect toilet. This nanotechnology creates a safety layer that prevents trash and waste materials from accumulating.

Toto washlet hard water is then combined with antimicrobial, hydrogen chloride water to decompose trash. It’s a terrific eco-friendly feature.

Tornado flushes are also available on Toto pans, which create a water vortex owing to their design and form. This whirlpool cleaning mechanism rotates and removes all filth. It eventually washes the pan and eliminates any garbage that has accumulated.

Toto toilets include all of these qualities, which make them sanitary, simple, and washable. The Toto washlets splatter water all over the pan. It eliminates any waste particles and keeps them from being trapped within.

These elements make Toto toilet economical, and they ensure that the Toto toilet itself is hygienic. So, while Toto is working hard to minimize waste buildup owing to the existence of innovative and amazing flushing technologies, you must still know how to wash a Toto toilet using efficient solutions.

If your Toto washlet isn’t operating properly and isn’t self-cleaning, you should get it repaired. Once it’s restored, you won’t have to put in the extra effort to clean it completely and keep it clean.

The most common issue with the Toto toilet seat

Various factors might contribute to an issue with your Toto toilet seat, however, the most typical are as follows:

  • The screws that keep the seat in position might be loose.

If this is the situation, you can adjust them slightly to prevent slipping late at night when necessity calls.

  • If the bathroom cover has faded out or been harmed in some way, it may need to be changed.

As much as you have a spare cover, you should be able to rebuild whatever is incorrect with your commode simply disassembling and then putting on the fresh flap. You can get these components online or at local hardware stores, and they’re generally very affordable

Is Toto toilet easy to install?

Sure, if you have some plumbing skills and have previously built toilets, you can set up a Toto Washlet. You’ll require an air compressor, included in the kit; if you don’t own one, consult your local corner shop for one, or purchase one online from amazon. The system also comes with extremely clear directions, and Toto even provides many videos that will lead you through the setup process.

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How often should I replace my Toto Washlet?

As previously said, the fantastic thing about the Toto Washlet is that it is made to endure for years, so you can anticipate yours to be in running condition for at least eight years or more.

However, once this time period has expired, you should begin worrying about upgrading your equipment. You can find instructions on how to accomplish this here, and you can also interact with customer care if you need extra details.

Bear in mind that the purchase price of a Toto toilet may be more than that of some other toilet, so take that into consideration as well.

Is a Toto toilet worth the money?

Toto toilets are more expensive, but you’re getting a high-quality device that will endure for many years. If you are proficient with plumbing fittings and know how to set up items like this, you can save some cash on the toilet setup. If not, we suggest consulting an expert because there is a chance of doing anything incorrectly while installing pipes.

Furthermore, more individuals are opting to employ someone to perform their cleaning for them, which is another aspect that adds up in the long run. However, before taking your final choice, compare costs and read customer reviews from people who have bought Toto Washlet.

In this manner, no matter what type of toilet you choose in the ending, you’ll be pleased with your choice

Can a Toto Washlet go on any toilet?

No, the Toto Washlet is designed for Toto company toilets and must be fitted on a toilet that it was designed for. This does not preclude you from using other kinds of toilets. If you have an adaptor, you may use it on any basic WC. This indicates you may appreciate all of the advantages and functions of a Toto toilet even if you don’t have either to begin with.

Do Toto toilets need electricity?

A Toto Washlet does, in fact, require power to work. The pump that comes with your buy will give this. Please remember that the Toto Washlet will require a nearby outlet as well as energy in order to give you all of its excellent functions.

Products We Should Avoid For Cleaning a Toto Toilet

If you want to know how to maintain a Toto bathroom, you should know that you should only use impartial items.

Resist using any acidic items, such as vinegar alone or lemon juice. Toto washlets should not be cleaned or maintained with bleach.

Toto toilets can be harmed by acidic or alkaline materials. In some versions, these goods can also harm the eye transparent cover, which detects the guy sitting over it.

It will create the plastic glass somewhat hazy, making it impossible for the Toto toilet to recognize persons approaching them. This eye is also necessary for detecting the opening and shutting of the Toto washlets.

FaQ On How To Clean Toto Toilet

Q: What is special about a Toto toilet?

A: The Toto toilet is one-piece in construction and has an expanded bowl form that is perfect for larger bathrooms. It boasts an easy-to-wash hole-free rim and two spraying nozzles that generate a rotational cleaning spray, enhancing the strength of the toilet’s wash while using no more than 1.28 Gallons per flush.

Q: Can use baking soda on the Toto toilet?

A: How to Unblock a Toilet Using Baking Soda and Vinegar. If the blockage is minimal, pour the entire amount of baking soda into the toilet bowl. Pour approximately half a cup of sodium bicarbonate into the toilet if the blockage is severe. Ensure to use the same amount of vinegar and baking soda.

Q: How do I clean the black under my toilet rim?

A: If you notice black deposits, cut off the water system, flush the toilet to clear the tank, and add a cup of vinegar to the water reservoir. Swish it about to remove the discoloration, then partly flush to enable some of the combinations to travel through the bowl’s water points to purify them.

Q: Why does my Toto toilet smell?

A: Bidets can smell foul for a variety of reasons, including vaporized urine (which occurs when the dryer and other heated elements heat the pee), plumbing difficulties, faulty seals, absent p-traps, deodorizer troubles, or electrical concerns.

Q: Which is better Toto or Kohler?

A: Toto and Kohler toilets both have the most efficient washing technology and the finest toilets. The key distinction is that Toto toilets are more expensive than Kohler toilets. However, if you would like a higher-quality two-piece toilet on a limited budget, the Kohler toilet manufacturer is the solution to go.

Conclusion on the best way to clean a Toto toilet

That’s the only thing that matters in the end. After reading this post, you should be ready to wipe your Toto Washlet on a regular basis. Just keep in mind to cover all of the different sections of the toilet as you find your way around.

Stains may be removed using bleach water, and smells can be removed with vinegar and baking soda. You’ll be able to keep your toilet clean as possible, no problem how frequently you use it.

Finally, here is an instructive article for you to read in which we examine the 5 finest Toto toilets available for purchase.

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