How To Remove Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle (in 2 Steps!)

In this article, you’ll quickly learn how to remove a Moen bathroom faucet handle and stem in just 2 steps and about 15 minutes. I even have a video to show you. So, let’s get going.

Time & Materials Needed

Other than the drive-time to buy replacement parts, the actual removal of a Moen bathroom faucet handle and stem will only take 15 minutes. It could take longer if the parts are stuck.

No special plumbing skills or experience are required for this job. But you will need a screwdriver, tongue-and-groove pliers, and possibly a handle puller if the parts are stuck.

How to Remove Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle & Stem

The first step in replacing the inner workings of a stem faucet is to shut off the water supply at the nearest shutoff (or stop) valve. Pull out the handles and stems, then take them to a hardware store (or plumbing supply center) to buy proper replacement parts.

If you can identify the faucet’s brand name, parts will be easier to find. Often no brand name is visible, so you’ll have to take out the stem and show it to your store sales rep. Another solution is to purchase a universal replacement kit. While not as long-lasting or reliable as brand-name parts, it will do the trick in a pinch.

1. Remove Cap & Screw

  • If the handle is round, it probably connects to the stem with a screw from the top.
  • You might have to pry off the cap to get to it. This applies to either 1- or 2-handle faucets.
  • Some handles attach with setscrews. If so, remove the setscrews with a screwdriver or allen wrench and pull off the handle.

2. Pull Out Handle & Stem

  • Usually, the handle will come out if you pull it up firmly or pry it up with a screwdriver.
  • Take care not to mar the finish.
  • If it is stuck, use a handle puller; a tool that grips the handle from underneath and draws the handle off the stem.
  • Once the handle is off, unscrew the stem with a wrench or pliers.
how to remove Moen bathroom faucet handle - handle puller
A handle puller is a special tool designed specifically to pull out hard-to-remove faucet handle stems. You can purchase one for $10-20 at any hardware store. However, most faucet stems can be removed with a pair of pliers.

Final Thoughts

Hey, I told you it would be easy. You should probably be able to handle this job (see what I did there?) in less than 30 minutes with ease. If you can use a screwdriver and pliers, then you can remove a Moen bathroom faucet handle and stem.

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