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A saran wrap is a thin plastic film used to keep the air and objects away from any surface. It is also known as plastic film, cling film, glad wrap, or cling wrap.

Light clogs can be unclogged with saran wrap. To unclog the toilet, wrap its bowl with the cling film so no air can enter or leave.

The wrap must be pressed on the toilet before flushing to initiate a gravitational force that will plunge the toilet and dislodge the clog.

This method will not remove a hard clog deep inside your toilet. However, you can follow the steps below to unclog your toilet using this DIY method.

Unclogging A Toilet with Saran Wrap

Tools requirement

  • A high-quality roll of saran wrap that isn’t likely to tear and will stick better
  • A good pair of scissors

Step 1: Prepare the toilet bowl

You need to lift the lid of the toilet up and keep it there.

Step 2: Cover the bowl

Wrap the toilet with the plastic wrap to make it air-tight.

Step 3: Cover the sides

You need a clean and dry toilet seat before applying the cling wrap and sealing it; otherwise, the plastic won’t stick to the bowl.

Wrap the cling film around the sides to ensure no air is going in and out. You can wrap it in any direction – the goal is to create an air-tight seal.

Step 4: Press on the saran wrap

In this step, you want to push the plastic wrap down a little so any trapped air will push against the water in the bowl.

If this doesn’t seem to be doing anything, flush the toilet and add some more force to the cling wrap to create pressure in the bowl.

Step 5: Checking to see if it worked

Keep doing this a few times to allow the water to create pressure near the P trap and push the clog through.

Now check to see if it has worked. Flush the toilet and remove the saran wrap when the job is complete.

Why is this an effective method?

The plastic wrap creates a vacuum or seal inside the toilet. Pressing against the wrap causes it to push against the opening of the P trap way; this is the only outlet wastewater, and air can go through.

Copying what you would do with a plunger can be done in either slow or rapid strokes.

Why is this method not working?

  • You may have a blockage in your plumbing system elsewhere, or the toilet is heavily clogged
  • Wrapping is of poor quality
  • Wrapping incorrectly
  • The leverage you’re getting from one layer could be increased by adding additional layers
  • The water pressure and level are insufficient. The low level of water makes vacuuming difficult

 Tips to unclog a toilet with saran wrap

  • Before wrapping the bowl with saran wrap, add dishwashing liquid. Adding dishwashing liquid makes the process faster and easier
  • Vinegar can be poured into the toilet. Vinegar is hygienic and kills germs after a big clog

Methods of Unclogging a Toilet Naturally?

Method 1: Vinegar and baking soda 

First, sprinkle some (about ½ cup) baking soda into the toilet bowl then pour some (about ½ cup) vinegar and wait for some time. Then pour some (a bucket) hot water (not boiling water) into the bowl.

Method 2: Hot water (not boiling water)

This process is simple since you just need to pour some (a few cups) hot water into the toilet bowl and flush the toilet after some time.

Method 3: Hot water and dish soap 

Pour some (about ½ cup) dish soap into the toilet bowl and wait for half an hour. Then pour some hot water. Again wait for a few minutes and flush the toilet.


1. Can saran wrap be flushed?

It doesn’t matter if you are flushing a Band-Aid down the toilet or packaging plastic. If plastic gets deep into your pipes after flushing, it can cause many problems.

2. Do toilets eventually unclog themselves?

Clogs with toilet paper and feces will unclog on their own eventually. A clogged toilet can be unclogged in as little as an hour if it is clogged by degradable material. However, it can take up to 24 hours if there is an abundance of organic matter.

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