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Kohler and Mansfield’s toilets are often compared due to their similar features but the main difference lies in their bowl shapes and styles. While both are powerful contenders in the hygiene industry, the two brands have their pros and cons.

If you want to purchase a toilet from either brand but are not sure which one to go for, look no further. We have your back.

A Quick Comparison Table

Have a look at the brief differences between the two before moving on to the detailed descriptions and comparisons:

Specifications Kohler Toilet Mansfield Toilet
One or Two-Piece Both are available; seat has to be purchased separately for two-piece toilets Both available
Bowl Shape Elongated, round, compact elongated Elongated, round, standard
Style Intelligent toilet: Veil, Eir, and Karing Smart toilet: Nyren
Flush System Single, dual, and touchless flushing Single, dual, and touchless flushing
Rough-In 10”, 12” and 14” 10”, 12” and 14”

Key Differences Between Mansfield And Kohler Toilet

When purchasing a new toilet, the first thing that most people consider is whether to get a one-piece toilet or a two-piece one.

This is entirely your personal decision.

But, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, one-piece toilets are heavier so if you plan on installing this kind of toilet yourself, make sure you are capable of lifting something that weighs around 100 lbs.

One-piece toilets, however, are easier to clean. Bacteria, mold, and dirt will easily accumulate between the bowl and tank of a two-piece toilet.

This simply means that you have to clean this type of toilet more frequently to keep it looking neat and fresh.

Thirdly, as the tank and bowl of standard two-piece toilets are separate, they are more prone to leaks. In hindsight, this is far less likely to happen in modern toilets since there have been significant improvements in technology.

Kohler’s two-piece toilets feature a unique AquaPiston canister design to deliver leak-free performance. Kohler two-piece toilets generally need a seat that is sold separately but the seat comes with a one-piece toilet.

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Mansfield has a full line of high-performance two-piece and one-piece toilet designs fit for any home décor, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

The two most common shapes of toilet bowls are elongated and round. Both have their pros and cons. Elongated bowls are more than 18 ½” in length while round bowls come at under 16 ¾” in length.

Elongated bowls are also smaller in width in comparison to round bowls.

Comfort is the main reason to consider an elongated bowl over a round toilet bowl. Round bowls are not the best for adults since they tend to be smaller.

Apart from being more comfortable for kids, a round toilet bowl might also work best for tiny bathrooms. Round bowl toilets are shorter than elongated toilets and this will consume less space.

Both Mansfield and Kohler offer a wide range of toilet bowls for any bathroom needs. Mansfield’s options are elongated, round, and standard whereas Kohler ditches the standard for a special “compact elongated” bowl.

Intelligent or smart toilets offer many more features that you will not get in a regular toilet, of course.

A smart toilet makes using a toilet much more enjoyable than you could imagine.

With features like heated toilet seats, bidets, deodorized, dryer, and much more, these toilets offer an elevated bathroom experience.

Kohler’s Intelligent toilets feature warm-water cleaning, heated seats, automated flushing, and adjustable temperature settings among others.

The cleaning settings can be controlled using an intuitive touch-screen remote. They are available in three models: Veil, Eir, and Karing.

Mansfield’s latest smart toilet is named Nyren and it features an integrated bidet wand, warm air dryer, heated seat, LED night light, high-efficiency toilet flush, wireless remote control, and much more.

All the prominent companies, including Kohler and Mansfield, are always enhancing their flush technology. Kohler toilets offer highly rated flush mechanisms that are both robust and efficient.

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A WaterSense-certified toilet is a fantastic alternative if you want to reduce your water use. A toilet must consume below 1.6 gallons of water every flush to qualify for a WaterSense certification.

This system will save you money when compared to a regular toilet that consumes 3.5 GPF.

Try a dual flush toilet, which offers the choice of a half-flush or a full-flush. A half-flush toilet normally consumes under 1 GPF while a full flush consumes 1.6 GPF or less.

Kohler also offers touchless flush toilets. Besides their Intelligent line, Kohler offers four water-saving toilets.

Mansfield, on the other hand, filters their toilets based on water consumption: 1.0, 1.28, 1.6, and dual 1.1 and 1.6. Every Mansfield product meets or exceeds UPC, SCA, ANSI, and other national and local code requirements.

Toilets come in a variety of sizes, so be sure the one you choose will work in your bathroom. Rough-in can be defined as the distance from the toilet bolts and the wall to the floor.

The usual rough-in mark is 12′′, but some bathrooms have 10′′ or 14′′ rough-ins. Before you buy a new toilet, be sure you have the correct rough-in measurement.

Toilets at Kohler and Mansfield are available in three rough-in options: 10”, 12”, and 14”.

Which Toilet Is Better For Your House?

Mansfield and Kohler are frontrunners in the toilet market and their products rarely disappoint.

Feature-packed, high-performance Kohler toilets are versatile and come in a multitude of designs, shapes, and colors.

On the other hand, Mansfield focuses more on functionality and features.

Their regular toilets are priced between $129 to $1,200+ and the smart toilets can go up to $4,800.

Kohler’s toilets can range from $232 to $6,375. Kohler has a bigger name in the market which can explain the greater price range.

Having said that, both brands offer amazing deals.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Who makes Mansfield toilets?

Mansfield is currently owned by Colceramica who introduced the first pressure-assist, dual-flush EcoQuantum® toilets.

Do they still make Mansfield toilets?

Yes, Mansfield toilets are still in production.

Where is Kohler toilet made?

Kohler toilets are produced in America.

Is there a difference in toilets?

There is a significant difference in the height, bowl shape width, and features of toilets.


To end our Mansfield toilet and Kohler toilet comparison, we would like to mention that whichever toilet you choose, make sure it fits with your bathroom.

Do not go blindly by the features and select something that ends up not working with your space. Keep your bathroom experience pleasant with the appropriate toilet. Happy shopping!

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