Need Toilet Paper In Bulk? Here Are 5 Great Options

Toilet paper is one of those items we can’t live without.   It’s unpleasant to think about, but have you ever been stuck on the pot with an empty toilet roll?

You likely stood up with your shorts around your ankles and did the wide-leg shuffle over to the cabinets. Those extra toilet paper rolls have to be there somewhere. You might have called out for help but heard nothing in return.

What you did next, no one will ever know.

The example above highlights the need to purchase toilet paper in bulk. Sure, the cost is a little more upfront, but toilet paper in bulk has a bunch of advantages and cost is actually an advantage.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re living alone or if you have a big family. The fact is you’ll need toilet paper today, tomorrow, and next year. Getting toilet paper in bulk will save you time, trips to the store, headaches, and money.

In this article, I’ll highlight the best toilet paper to buy in bulk. Most brands offer toilet paper in bulk, but this article will highlight toilet paper that comes in serious bulk – we’re talking 36, 48, and 60 rolls!

I’ll also discuss a few of the reasons why you should be buying toilet paper in bulk. Let’s get started.

Reasons To Buy In Bulk (And Why To Buy Online)

Toilet paper can be purchased in every grocery store across the country. It seems convenient enough, right? Once you start buying it online you’ll realize it comes at a better price and shipping and delivery is likely included.

Why hassle with taking bulky toilet paper to and from your car when it can be sent right to your door! Here are a few reasons toilet paper in bulk is a good idea and why it’s better to buy online.

Many people don’t want to buy in bulk because it costs more upfront. Yes, you’ll be paying twice as much a one time, but you’ll actually pay much less per roll. Think about the price per roll and you’ll be much better off than buying more inexpensive options frequently.

Buying online (through Amazon) will provide you with a ton of options and delivery will be free (if you’re a Prime member). This means less gas wasted to and from the store and less time carrying a big case of toilet paper.

Toilet paper in bulk also saves our precious time. If you’re like me you’re probably busy and find it’s a hassle to stop by the grocery store for life’s simple necessities.

Choosing to order in bulk will reduce the overall trips to the store and save you time. If you live alone this could reduce your need for toilet paper purchases significantly.

Bulk purchases were originally created to satisfy large families that tend to consume household items fast. A 12 pack of toilet paper doesn’t last long in a household of 5 (and that’s not exactly a large family by any standard).

By emergencies, I mean those times when you realize you’re out of toilet paper. I’d guess it’s happened to all of us at different times in our lives.

If you choose to buy in bulk you’ve got a better chance of having toilet paper when you need it. Your emergency trips to the grocery store can be cut down if you’re buying online – if you want you can create automatic ordering so you’ll never run out.

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Buying in bulk and buying online are both about convenience. Life has become busier for everyone and whether it’s kids after school activities or personal trips to the doctor, we must find ways to use our time more efficiently.

Size Is As Important As Quantity

Before deciding on which toilet paper in bulk you need, take a moment to understand the various sizes of toilet paper and the marketing techniques that companies use.

As I’ve written in another article (the best toilet paper) the size of toilet paper can differ dramatically. There are 7 main roll sizes beginning with “regular” and ending with “mega”

Regular: Regular rolls have only 77 sheets and are usually double ply. They are the cheapest option. Although it seems economical it’s much more expensive per sheet than the larger rolls and there’s generally a lack of quality in this toilet paper.

Big: Big toilet paper rolls are less common these days simply because “big” isn’t great for marketing. Big toilet paper rolls are around 126 sheets – not quite double a regular roll.

Double: Double rolls are twice the size of regular rolls about 140 sheets per roll.

Jumbo: Slightly larger than double rolls.Triple: Claim to be 3x regular rolls or approximately 210 sheets.

Supreme: 3 ply supreme rolls are made to be thick yet comfortable, but aren’t quite the biggest.

Mega: These rolls average 300 sheets per roll and are more convenient. Mega rolls are economical – if you buy these rolls you’ll save money in the long run.

5 Best Toilet Paper Rolls In Bulk

#1 Angel Soft Toilet Paper – 60 Double Rolls

Angel Soft toilet paper may not be the most well-known brand but it’s certainly popular when buying in bulk. This option allows you to stock up for months with one purchase (unless you have a huge family).

Customers on Amazon like the “subscribe and save” option that gives even more discounts to families that buy consistently.

It comes in 60 double rolls (each roll 260 sheets) which is 60% more than the leading 2-ply toilet paper brand (single roll). A smaller amount of mega rolls will be last longer than these double rolls, however, you’re still getting 60 double rolls for a bargain price – that’s not bad.

It’s not just a bulk product, it’s certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative so it’s a responsible company and they toilet paper is 100% septic-safe.

#2 Georgia-Pacific Profession Envision – Larger Than Mega Roll

Okay, now we’re talking. This is the toilet paper in bulk that you want if you want mega rolls in mega amounts.

Actually, it’s quite a bit larger than a mega roll (550 sheets per roll vs. 380 sheets per roll). The sheets are standard size at 4 x 4.05 inches and you can buy these in a box of 80 rolls for under $50.

If you have a large family or just want 6-9 months of toilet paper, then this is the best toilet paper in bulk.

This toilet paper will last a long time no matter the size of your family!

#3 Presto Mega Roll (308 sheets) – 24 count

Presto is the Amazon brand of toilet paper and they make a good option for anyone looking to buy toilet paper in bulk. Mega rolls are more than 2x times the size of double rolls so you get more toilet paper on each roll (don’t be disappointed by the fact it’s only 24 rolls).

This toilet paper is strong yet soft, so you won’t have much lint – it will be a smooth and intact wipe. Presto is safe for septic systems and sourced from sustainably managed forests.

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Presto also uses the “subscribe and save” option, so you can get 15% off future automatic deliveries. That’s big savings when the pack only costs around $20 to begin with. Inexpensive automatic deliveries make buying in bulk easy!

I’ve used Presto toilet paper before and I find it comparable to other leading brands. Mega rolls are the best!

#4 Charmin Mega Roll – 30 Rolls

This is the toilet paper in bulk option for people who prefer the name brands. Charmin has been around a long time and it’s likely the favorite of some people. This is an “ultra strong” toilet paper with a texture that will help with wiping.

If you’re on a budget these are quite a bit more expensive than other options on the list, however, it is a quality toilet paper and because it’s a mega roll it will last a long time (30 mega rolls equal 120 regular rolls).   It won’t clog toilets and it’s septic-safe.

Customers like the comfort and strength of Charmin toilet paper. A few comments mention the thickness and durability while other’s believe the thickness of the toilet paper prevents it from gliding against the skin.

#5 Quilted Northern 48 Supreme Rolls

Quilted Northern is another favorite of consumers. The brand is known for its soft, thick toilet paper. This bulk option is for 48 supreme rolls. Supreme rolls are one step under the mega roll. 1 supreme roll is almost equal to 4 regular rolls. But that’s not all. These rolls are 3-ply so they are super thick.

Personally, I don’t like it when toilet paper is really thick. It has a tendency to break and produce a lot of lint. If you’ve been using Quilted Northern your whole life, you’re probably comfortable with the thickness and texture.

If you buy the 48 roll option you’re getting the equivalent of 200 regular-sized rolls. If comfort is your priority I think this is the way to go. If you’re focused on price per roll you’ll definitely want to choose another option on the list.


If you need toilet paper in bulk you’re looking for good quality toilet paper at a reasonable price. In most cases, you know that buying in bulk should provide a better price.

But that’s not the only reason people buy in bulk.

Our time is important. Between work and children, it’s hard to find time to make a special trip to the store when the toilet paper mysteriously disappears.

Technology has made it easier to order online and has those essential products delivered directly to our home with the push of a button (no need to get in a car for a special trip to the store). Online orders for items like toilet paper can be done automatically so you don’t even have to think about it.

When you’re choosing the right bulk toilet paper, make sure you understand the various roll sizes. Companies make it confusing on purpose and you’ll have single, double, supreme, and mega sizes among others. You’ll also need to navigate 1-ply, 2-ply, or 3-ply toilet paper.

As a rule of thumb, the mega roll is the largest and 2-ply is the most common. If your toilet paper holder is set into the wall you’ll have a hard time fitting the mega roll on the holder, however, most holders that stick out from the wall will hold large rolls.

If you’re willing to try the 100% recycled toilet paper, the Georgia-Pacific Envision Mega Rolls are a great way to buy toilet paper in bulk, save money, and help the environment. It’s my favorite option on the list but may not be soft enough for some families.

I hope some of these toilet paper options will guide you in the right direction for a bulk purchase. Find a brand that you like, buy in bulk, and forget about toilet paper for the next 6 months!

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