Pfister Selia Toilet Reviews 2024

A toilet is something that we use every day. So, it would help if you were particularly critical while choosing the toilet or our home. We all agree that the toilet is related to comfort.

Imagine what it would feel like if you see your toilet is not working when you need it.

Here in this write-up, I will show you the ins and outs of the Pfister Selia toilet, a one-piece toilet that has all the features and comfort you could ask for.

So, let’s take this show on the road without further ado.

Features Of Pfister Selia Toilet

You’ll find many unique features in the Pfister Selia toilet. You must know them to understand if it’s a good one for you. So, here are some key features of the Pfister Selia toilet.

Pfister Selia is a one-piece toilet with all the advanced features.

Since I wanted to purchase a one-piece toilet, this one became my prime choice after knowing its features.

Pfister Selia is a one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl with a gravity feed system.

This is a high-efficiency toilet that uses less water than older toilets.

Besides, the dual flush allows this toilet to save water based on your need. So, all in all, it’s a pretty good toilet with all the advanced features.

This toilet has a strong build quality. It feels very sturdy when you look at it. Because it’s powerfully built, this toilet could meet a lot of codes and standards. It’s a certification of the quality of this toilet.

As a result, my Pfister Selia toilet is very comfortable and easily accessible. The deal height of this toilet is 15 inches. So, it’s perfect for people of all heights. It meets the standards of IAPMO Certification, 1000g MaP Certification, and EAP WaterSense Certification.

  • Standard Flushing Performance

Flush is an integral part of a toilet. Sometimes a toilet is defined by its flushing performance. So, it’s a significant component.

Flushing performance determines how much water your toilet releases after each flush. My Pfister Selia toilet comes with 1.6 GFP, an industry standard.

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Although it’s not the best flush out there, it’s still pretty good. It can effectively clean my toilet bowl with only one flush. So, I have to spend less water on my toilet.

As a result, my water consumption has decreased, and I can save money. On top of that, the dual flush allows you to release less water based on your need.

The flush valve is another essential component that releases the water from the tank after pressing the flush button. Pfister Selia toilet comes with a 3 inches flush valve, which is standard for a good toilet.

As a result, adequate water comes into the bowl and removes all the waste without leaving any stains.

Since it’s a high-efficient toilet, the water pressure remains very high. So, it flows quickly, and squeaky clean the bowl. So, every time after flushing, you will get a clean bowl with just one flush.

Most importantly, it saves you water and, at the same time, gives excellent flushing performance.

You’ll have some problems if your toilet bowl is not good enough.

Because a fully glazed toilet bowl helps waste glide away faster.

Plus, you won’t have any disgusting stains on it. If the bowl is not appropriately glazed, no amount of water can clean it properly.

The good thing is that my Pfister Selia toilet comes with a fully glazed bowl.

As a result, all the waste goes into the trapway faster without leaving any stains.

That’s why I do not have to waste my time and energy cleaning the toilet too often. So, I do not feel any hassle maintaining the toilet.

Another industry standard feature of a toilet is 2 inches fully glazed trapway. Trapway is the drain for waste to go into the septic from the toilet.

A good trapway is always fully glazed and will take your waste without creating issues like clogging. My Pfister Selia toilet has a 2 inches fully glazed trapway.

So, the waste can glide down pretty quickly and doesn’t clogs. Since the trapway is fully glazed, it always remains smooth and doesn’t create any obstacles.

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Besides, the 2 inches pipe size doesn’t let my Pfister Selia toilets clog and give any trouble. That’s why it can be a pretty good choice for you.

Some toilets do not have soft close seats. They create a slamming sound when you close the seat. But that’s not the case with my Pfister Selia toilet. It comes with a soft closing seat. So you won’t face any unnecessary sound.

Besides, the seat is quick release. You can release the seat while cleaning and then put it right back. So, cleaning will be easier with this toilet.

Pfister Selia toilet is not very expensive. Compared to the features, the price of this toilet is market-competitive. You will have to spend around $430 for a one-piece Pfister Selia toilet.

A warranty is essential for a toilet. The good thing is this toilet comes with a 10 Year Limited Warranty. It is a pretty good deal for a toilet in this price range.

So, I do not have any complaints about it. I’m sure you won’t either.

What Could Have Been Better With Pfister Selia Toilet?

Now let’s see some of the cons of this toilet. You will get a complete idea about this toilet after knowing the cons.

Pfister Selia comes with a standard 1.6 GPF flush, but it could be better. Other brands provide 1.28 GPF flush at this price point. So, Pfister should think about it.

The seat of this toilet is a bit slippery. So, it can be an issue for many users. Pfister should look into the matter and provide a more comfortable seat that doesn’t slip.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the review on the Pfister Selia toilet shows that it’s a pretty good toilet to have in a house. The advantages of this toilet are much more significant than the disadvantages.

So, I suggest you ignore the cons and focus on the good side.

No toilet is perfect. You get a high-performing flush, well-built bowl, fully glazed trapway, excellent warranty coverage, and much more. So, it would be best if you gave it a go.

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