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You might not be familiar with rear discharge toilets. But that’s a thing in Europe and UK. But nowadays, high-rising buildings on the East coast use this toilet.

There are some practical reasons behind it. The toilet connection of the sewerage line is on the back of these toilets rather than below.

As many benefits as you will get from these toilets, there are some problems with them as well. Identifying those issues will help you solve them.

That’s why I’ve come up with this write-up. Here I’ll tell you the problems with the rear discharge toilet and their solutions. So, let’s dive in.

Issues With Rear Discharge Toilets

According to many customers, you might find several issues with a rear discharge toilet. So, here are some key disadvantages of using a rear discharge toilet.

The connection of a rear discharge toilet is on behind the toilet. So the drain pipe is located on the wall.

If you do not use the correct size fitting with the drain pipe or if you do not seal it properly, there will be leakage on the wall. It can make a mess on the wall.

To avoid such an incident, you must be very careful while installing the toilet.

Make sure you use the right size of fitting pipe. You will also have to seal them properly, so they don’t leak.

One of the issues with this toilet is that they are louder than regular toilets. That’s because the flush in this toilet makes loud sounds while pressurizing the water and sending it to the bowl.

There’s no solution to this problem. Manufacturers should come up with some solution to mitigate this issue.

  • Toilet Connector is Visible

The sewerage connector of the rear discharge toilet is visible since the drainpipe is located on the wall. It sometimes hampers the aesthetic look of a bathroom interior.

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If you want to use the rear discharge toilet, you will have to accept it; otherwise, this toilet is probably not your thing.

  • Issues With Redoing The Floor

Keeping a rear discharge toilet, you might face problems redoing your bathroom floor. After changing the current floor type to install something new, you’ll be in trouble if you find out that the new floor has elevated and is now higher than the drain pipe.

So, you must be careful while renovating your bathroom floor. Make sure the floor height doesn’t rise. Otherwise, you’ll face a whole lot of new troubles.

Is Real Discharge Toilet Worth It?

After reading about the disadvantages, you might wonder if this toilet is good.

Well, there are many good sides to the rear discharge toilet.

That’s why people have started using it, and the number is increasing every day.

Here I will show you some advantages of this toilet, so you have a complete picture in your mind.

So, here’re some key advantages of using rear discharge toilets.

  • A Good Option For High-Rise Buildings

Rear discharge toilets are particularly beneficial to high-rise buildings. Since they are not installed on the floor, you won.t need a lot of space on the floor to accommodate plumbing fixtures.

It requires less floor height so developers can construct more floors in the building.

Most rear discharged toilets come with a powerful siphon flush. This is a very powerful flush that creates a siphon inside the toilet bowl.

So, the bowl will become squeaky clean with a single flush. On top of that, these toilets also come with a pressure-assisted flush. It also makes these toilets very effective.

Installing rear discharge toilets is easy. You do not have to demolish the whole bathroom floor to install the plumbing fixtures and the toilet.

You have to create a hole in the wall for the drain pipe. That’s why it is easier than regular toilets to install.

Rear discharge toilets are versatile. They add a new design to a bathroom. You can install this compact toilet in any bathroom of your house. It’ll blend exceptionally well with the interior.

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How To Clean Rear Discharge Toilet?

Cleaning a rear discharge toilet is similar to cleaning any other toilet. However, you can clean them in the following way:

  • Firstly, you have to flush your toilet.
  • Then apply the toilet cleaner to the bowl. Make sure the cleaner reaches every corner of the bowl.
  • You have to leave it this way for some time.
  • Now, use a brush to clean the bowl properly.
  • Finally, flush your toilet again to clean it.

This way, you will have to clean your rear discharge toilet.

Essential Things To Follow

You will have to create proper sealing around the drainpipe so that it doesn’t leak and create a mess on the wall.

Cleaning is a way to keep your toilet functional. Make sure you clean the toilet at a regular interval. Otherwise, dirt will pile up and make the toilet unclean and disgusting.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is backflushing a toilet?

Backflushing a toilet means the flush lever button is located at the back of the toilet. However, most toilets now have a flush lever button at the top of the tank.

How do you seal a rear discharge toilet?

You will have to seal the rear discharge toilet around the drainpipe properly. To do that, you will have to use the correct size pipes connecting your toilet’s outlet and drainpipe.

Do rear outlet toilets work?

These toilets work pretty well. Because of the powerful siphon flush and pressure-assisted flush, you will get excellent performance from these toilets.

Why does the back of my toilet keep draining?

It happens because of faulty flush valve installation. So, if you see this problem, you will have to inspect the chain and the flapper. A short chain won’t let the flapper close.

Final Thoughts

We all know the importance of installing the right toilet. So, I’m not going there. But after knowing the rear discharge toilet problems, you can now decide whether the toilet has more than just a few disadvantages.

I suggest this toilet to you. If you can ignore the cons, you should go for it. Overall, the toilet is pretty good. What do you think?

Let me know.

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