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If you look closely, you’ll notice there are two types of toilet bowls types: round and elongated. Though this may seem like a random design choice, the kind of toilet bowl you have can significantly affect your comfort level and user experience.

Your toilet bowl decision also affects the individuals in your household who may need ADA-compliant bathroom features. Comfort is the most crucial aspect buyers look for in a toilet, alongside the price. Why not take the extra step and look into models that are genuinely comfortable and accessible for all?

See our guide below to learn more about the core differences between round and elongated toilets.

Round vs. Elongated Bowl Differences Explained

The Design

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The size of your bathroom will help you decide which type of toilet to buy. A round model may be the best choice if your bathroom is small because it takes up less space than an elongated bowl would.

Elongated toilet bowls take up the same floor space as round toilet bowls but are longer. Think of them as oval-shaped compared to their more circle-based counterparts. Their length tends to be more than two inches longer than their widest point horizontally. Though specific measurements will vary, round-shaped toilets will have less of a drastic difference between their widest horizontal and vertical lengths.

Elderly individuals who have trouble sitting and standing up will benefit from an elongated toilet seat because of the added stability. More minor children will have an easier time with a round toilet.

The elongated toilet is available in various sizes, including compact models that fit into smaller bathrooms.

Size and Comfort

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Round toilets come with a smaller bowl and seat compared to their elongated counterparts, making them ideal for small bathrooms or those with limited space.

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As the opening of an elongated toilet is more comprehensive than that of a round one, more prominent people can easily use them. The elongated nature of the bowl disperses the user’s body weight, making them an excellent choice for those with mobility issues.

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The elongated bowl also makes the toilet easier to clean since there are fewer places in the bowl where dirt can get trapped. However, both types of toilets have models with skirted tramways, which also cuts down time on cleaning and maintenance. Without an aperture for the dust to settle, the only thing the trapway needs is a gentle wipe down once in a while.

Price Tag

In general, the price of a round toilet is lower because it requires less material to manufacture than an elongated one. This means that the labor cost will be lower as well. Both bowl types use the same amount of water resulting in identical annual water bills.

Video Explaining Which is Better

Still unsure about the pros and cons of elongated and round toilets? Check out this fantastic video by Remodel Media.

Remodel Media discusses the differences in constructing these two types of toilets in this video. He provides visual aids as well as real-world examples that help viewers get a complete understanding of the core differences, as well as the positives and negatives of each.

Square Toilets

white square toilet installed on a modern bathroom

Yup, you read that right. Although less common, square toilets are a design option for modern toilet bowls. Don’t worry – we were confused too. But after a few test tries, we have the information you need regarding this avant-garde bowl shape.


Square toilets have a futuristic feel due to their clean lines and angular structure. Naturally, their toilet bowls take up more room than their elongated and round counterparts. However, a square toilet can be a fun addition to your bathroom if you have the space. They are solid, durable units that can become a staple piece in any area they occupy.

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Due to their weight, installation may be a bit more difficult for square toilets. Users have reported they opted in for professional help to avoid any complications down the road.

Square toilets don’t require any additional maintenance or cleaning techniques. Most square toilets have an excellent base due to their structural support needs. Like a skirted trapway, dust and grime don’t have any place to hide. Every once in a while, use some mild soap and water with a gentle washcloth, and you’re done – quick and easy, with no headache.

Size and Comfort

Surprisingly, square-shaped toilets are very comfortable! The square toilet bowl provides extra support for your entire body by evenly dispersing your weight. The large size of the bathroom also reduces the chance of your body hanging off the sides while sitting. Multiple square toilets on the market are also ADA-compliant, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice accessibility for a funky and fresh design.

Price Tag

Square toilets tend to be slightly more expensive than round or elongated toilets. They are also less prevalent on the market, so finding one that meets all your personal preferences and requirements may be challenging.

Final Thoughts

Deciding whether a round, elongated or maybe even square toilet bowl best suits your needs comes down to personal preference and bathroom space. For compact spaces, round toilets are a better fit but keep in mind that elongated toilet bowls are more accessible for different users.

Consider a square-shaped toilet if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Though unconventional, you might find that these models are more comfortable for you. Preferences are dependent on your personal experiences. Try sitting on various models in a bathroom-fixture store when you get a chance. Only by testing the difference can you honestly know what works for you.

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