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Choosing the perfect bathroom hardware for improving or upgrading your existing setup is almost necessary. With thousands of choices, Signature hardware vs. Kohler is something you will always find difficult.

So, how do you choose one?

Well, that’s what I will be discussing here today and take you through a complete comparison of both. This way, by the end of this article, you will already know which one is the perfect option for your needs.

Let’s get things started right away.

A Quick Comparison Table

Features Signature Kohler
Pricing Reasonable Expensive
Quality of products High quality Top-notch
Product collection Comes with variety A whole range of collection
User experience Satisfying Impressive
Popularity Decent Very popular
Warranty Limited Limited

Key Differences Between Kohler And Signature Hardware

The first thing you should start with is the hardware’s quality. You will know which one works out for you the most.

Also, there are significant differences that you get to notice between the two choices.

With Kohler hardware, you are getting premium quality in the material.

They are much more durable and have the clean look you desire from your bathroom hardware. The finish you see on the Kohler hardware tends to be very classy.

Coming to the signature hardware, they are quite good in terms of quality. They are also pretty durable.

You can rely on them to last for a long time. The material also has a pretty standard-looking finish, so you won’t find too much to complain about.

Still, I would always go for a Kohler if I had to choose between one or the other. Because they are a bit more on the premium side, it’s a better option. Especially when you compare it with Signature hardware, Kohler will always come on top in terms of quality.

One thing that can dictate your decision quite a lot is what products both brands have in their collection. As a consumer, you will always love to have options available to you.

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So, going through their collection is something you can do to see where you get more options.

Starting with Kohler, I have to say their collection will impress you. They have a wide range of hardware collections. The best part is that you get hardware for all purposes.

Whether you are looking to get bathroom hardware or something for your kitchen, you get all kinds of choices from them. It’s the perfect hardware brand you can use if you plan to get a setup for your whole house.

On the other hand, Signature hardware is all about bathroom hardware. They are not as versatile as Kohler when it comes to their collection.

You will find several choices in the product collection Signature for sure. But they don’t cater to all kinds of hardware options with a versatile collection.

I think Kohler stays ahead in the game when you think about the collection of products they have. They have a higher number of products in their inventory compared to Signature.

So, if you are someone who likes to get more options, Kohler is the pick for you.

Well, popularity is a factor that comes into play when you are comparing Signature and Kohler hardware because there is a significant difference that you can get between the two options.

The clear winner in terms of popularity is Kohler. They are very famous for producing high-quality bathroom and kitchen hardware items.

You can find their hardware almost anywhere you go in the world. Also, the Kohler hardware is available in virtually any online shop you go through.

I won’t say Signature hardware is not popular because they are also pretty popular. However, they aren’t as popular as Kohler by any means.

Their popularity is a bit limited to some places. Also, they aren’t as readily available as Kohler in all the places.

If you are thinking about the experience you get from both the choices, then I have to say it’s good on both of them. It’s just that you get a different kind of experience using the different hardware.

With Signature hardware, you will get a pretty satisfying experience overall. The quality, the looks, and the durability are all satisfying to get as a user.

In comparison, Kohler provides you with a much more premium and impressive user experience. When you use Kohler hardware for your bathroom or kitchen, you end up impressed by the quality.

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Most of the time, people choose between two products based on this factor which is pricing. You can also do the same thing here because there is a difference between these choices based on that factor.

Regarding pricing, Kohler is a bit more expensive than Signature hardware. As you know, Kohler comes with more premium-quality hardware, so their products have a higher price tag.

That’s why, if you are thinking of saving money, then Signature is always a better option. You get good value for money with this choice too.

Does warranty matter to you?

In that case, both the toilet hardware brands provide you with a similarly limited warranty on their products. There is no difference in the warranty they provide.

So, you can’t choose one or the other based on the warranty itself.

What Will Be The Suitable Choice For Your Home?

Now, here’s the thing with picking one or the other, you have to get through the factors to decide on one because there is no best option between the two of them.

For example, a Signature will be your choice when you think about saving money.

But the obvious choice is Kohler if you want a premium-looking setup in your home.

The best way I would pick one or the other is based on budget.

If you don’t mind spending money on your bathroom hardware, you can choose Kohler without second thoughts.

But if money is a concern, then go with Signature.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Signature Hardware a quality brand?

Yes, Signature hardware is a quality brand you can easily rely on. They are pretty durable and tend to last for a while. And their customer service is also top-notch. So, I would say they are a quality brand.

Who is Signature Hardware made by?

Mike Butler and his son Matt Butler made Signature hardware in 1999. Although initially, the name was Clawfoot supply, later on, they renamed it to Signature hardware.

Is Signature a good brand?

Yes, Signature is a pretty good brand regarding bathroom hardware. You can easily rely on their quality and longevity without overthinking.

Is Signature Hardware made in China?

Yes, Signature hardware is made in China. Along with China, they make Signature hardware in Vietnam and Taiwan.


To sum it up, choosing hardware between Signature hardware or Kohler is all about what you want in your setup. If budget or money isn’t a concern, I would always go with Kohler because they make your bathroom look much more premium and provide durability.

However, if money concerns you, then Signature hardware is best. There is no doubt about that.

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