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The Toto Ultramax 2, while perhaps blending into the background when seen among other toilets, is a great product when you truly get to know what it’s all about. In fact, it is just this blending into the background that makes it so great in the first place. For example, it has a tendency of flushing with lots of power, yet does so very quietly; two features which are typically exclusive from one another.

It also does a great job of staying clean, being that it cleans itself after each and every flush. Not only does this have it retain its shiny new look over time, it can greatly reduce the amount of smells present in your bathroom through directly lowering the overall amount of bacteria present. Despite these two features, which are both innovative and useful to any homeowner, the Toto Ultramax 2 is also just great as a standalone toilet through its ability to perform normal functions in a timely, effective and efficient means. Let’s dive in for a closer look.


I’ll start by saying that the Toto Ultramax 2 has a fairly large amount of flushing power. This is, of course, something to look for in any toilet. This is one of those features that can universally be considered as being good across the board, no matter your personal toilet needs. However, it’s not the Toto Ultramax 2’s flushing power that is the real shocker, but rather the amount of noise it makes while flushing. For a toilet of such a high caliber, you might expect it to be as loud as the toilets you’d find in a Walmart bathroom. Despite this, it gives off an extremely quiet flush. How the manufacturer managed to achieve such an effect doesn’t matter. It’s powerful and quiet at the same time and that’s good enough for me.

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If you take a look at the user reviews on the Toto Ultramax 2’s official Amazon listing (which we’ve linked to below), you’ll find that the amount of customer complaints regarding the toilet’s level of durability border on non-existent. If you’ve spent any significant amount of time shopping online or reading online reviews, you’re likely aware that this is a very rare occurrence in products of all types, no just toilets. If it’s durability you’re after, the Toto Ultramax 2 is sure to impress.


I think the best possible sense of this toilet’s quality comes from its functionality in terms of its basic features, as well as how its added features hold up to those of similar products. If you subscribe to this theory, you can be sure that the Toto Ultramax 2 is certainly of a high quality. While there are many toilets on the market which are of a lower level of quality than the Toto Ultramax 2, there aren’t a whole lot which are higher in quality. Of course, this is a great thing.


The design of the toilet itself is pretty basic. It’s not that it looks bad, but rather that it takes on a fairly average look. However, you’ll find that this look stays intact over a long period of time, being that the toilet cleans itself, thus preventing against dirt and stains lining the inside of your toilet. This keeps it looking much better than your average toilet. As an added bonus, it keeps your bathroom clean and smell-free.


If you noticed the above ratings I gave this toilet, you likely saw the less-than-positive rating it received on its warranty. This is truly its only real downside. At one year of coverage, you’re just not getting the best warranty you could hope for when purchasing this toilet. I will; however, note that the lifespan of this toilet should extend well beyond that of its warranty.

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If you can get past a warranty which is only one year in length, you’ll likely love what this toilet has to offer. Through its ability to clean itself, preserve its new finish, flush quietly and flush powerfully enough to lower the occurrence of clogs, this model proves to be one of the very best currently offered on the market. For a quality toilet that does it all at an agreeable price (relatively speaking), look no further than the Toto Ultramax 2.

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