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The main features that buyers look for in a toilet are durability and comfort. Toto toilets have established a reputation of being exceptional. The Ultramax series offers some of the most renowned and popular Toto toilet models. But it’s difficult for someone to choose the ideal toilet model.

Therefore, this Toto Ultramax vs Ultramax II article was created to bring clarification. Surprisingly, there are differences although they’re from the same series. Toto Ultramax has 1.6 GPF while Ultramax II has 1.28 GPF. You’ll also find out that there are differences in their bowl designs.

Get the detailed facts as you continue to read about the Ultramax toilet series.

Similarities of Toto Ultramax II and Toto Ultramax

To narrow down the comparison, it would be easier for you to know the similarities between the two. Then, you’ll only have to look at the differences later on and proceed to the easy selection of the toilet from the Ultramax toilet series.

The durability of these two toilets is exceptional. I can say that it’s a Toto brand signature and every user will surely agree with me. You can use them for years because of the lasting vitreous china was used in making them.

How lovely it would be if your toilet is not only durable but also sleek and elegant. These toilets are available in plain hue as well as varieties of color. Hence, they contribute to the elegance and uniqueness of your bathroom.

Cleaning the toilet is not appealing to many. Who would want to face the waste or substance that sticks on the toilet surface? However, this experience won’t trouble you when you use Ultramax II and Toto Ultramax. It’s due to the amazing ability of the Cefiontect glaze! This stops particles from sticking to the toilet.

Comfort is vital for every user when using a toilet. Toto understands this so there’s an extra space for the elongated bowl design of Ultramax toilets. Thus, you can sit comfortably despite your size.

    • Installation and warranty

Since they are one-piece toilets, the installation will be a breeze. However, you need a hand when lifting it, especially with Ultramax II. It’s a bit heavier than the previous version. But the weight is less than a traditional toilet.

The superior quality of the Toto Ultramax toilet is proven and tested. I think it’s the reason why the manufacturer is easygoing enough to give a one-year limited warranty.

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An elongated one-piece toilet can be cleaned with ease. Luckily, this is the design of these toilets. On a two-piece toilet, dirt, debris, mold, and mildew can easily stick and form. Thus, you won’t have a hard time maintaining their cleanliness.

You may have an embarrassing story to share about how you unintentionally slam the toilet seat. But you won’t be in this situation with the Ultramax toilets due to their soft close seat. It doesn’t get a lot of attention if you use them.

Everyone can use any of these toilets. Whether you’re short, tall, disabled, or old, nothing can bother you from sitting on them and responding to the call of nature. It’s because they come in universal height.

You’ll find these toilets easy to use due to the chrome trip lever. This part is located on the left-hand side to flush effortlessly. Because of it, they can be found in public toilets.

The toilet rough-in is also an important factor when buying a toilet. Luckily, these toilets have standard rough-in which is 12 inches. This feature also makes installation straightforward.

Toto Ultramax vs Toto Ultramax II Comparison of Features

    • The powerful flushing system

They have two different flushing systems composed of water consumption and the manner of water delivery to the bowl. Nonetheless, both are EPA approved as the Toto Ultramax has 1.6 GPF while the Ultramax II has 1.28GPF.

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The former operates through a G max flushing system equipped with a trapway and wide flush valves for the water to quickly move and for the assurance that the bowl can catch it. For the sake of a faster way of cleaning the bowl, the powerful tornado flushing system is found in the latter.

A centrifugal force is created to eliminate all the waste in a single flush. This tornado flush system is also found on Toto Drake, one of the well-known toilet models in the same company.

    • Water consumption when flushing

High-efficiency toilets can attract many buyers. Although the Ultramax toilet has 1.6 GPF, it has a siphon jet flushing mechanism for water-saving. On the other hand, Ultramax II is considered a water-efficient toilet with its 1.28 GPF.

Thus, this toilet consumes less water than the former. So, no wonder it’s WaterSense certified by the EPA. Some states give rebates when you use it.

It’s vital to check the toilet dimension before purchase as you need to match it with the available bathroom space. If you fail to do it, it won’t be possible to install it in your bathroom. To avoid wasting money, refer to the sizes of these two toilets.

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Ultramax Ultramax II
Depth 28.37 inches 31.8 inches
Width 16.62 inches 19.3 inches
Height 28.75 inches 28.9 inches
Bowl height 16.12 inches 17.25 inches
Toilet rough-in 12 inches 12 inches

To support your intention of designing your bathroom, they are available in different colors. You can find Ultramax II in bone, ebony, colonial white, cotton white, and Sedona. All of these colors are applied to the Ultramax toilet except the ebony shade.

The efficacy of the best toilet depends on its functions to serve its purpose. For instance, toilet clogging won’t be an issue while there’s no interruption on water flow within its flush system.

Apart from comfort when sitting, you should also consider the ease of cleaning. These are the wonderful things that a user would want to have in the washroom. Fortunately, they can be found in these toilets. But there are minimum flaws that you have to deal with.

The first version of Ultramax may clog after years of use. Nevertheless, this can happen to any toilet after a long period of use. Leaky valves can also be a problem. These things can be prevented when you know how to keep the toilet clean and properly use it.

On the side of Toto Ultramax II toilet, its Sanagloss finish may challenge you during clean-ups. You need to put more effort into cleaning it, which is not required by the previous one. But you ought to know that Sanagloss also prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Toilet Features Comparison Chart of Toto Ultramax Toilet and Ultramax II Toilet

Here’s a summary of the differences of these toilets.

Features Ultramax Ultramax II
Water consumption 1.6 GPF 1.28 GPF
Bowl Straight down the bowl rinse 2 outlets at the top of the bowl and two streams of water swirl around the bowl
Double cyclone bowl No Yes
Certification N/A WaterSense
Water save Not much Yes
Sanagloss An option Standard toilets
ADA compliant No Yes
Easier to clean Yes No
Map testing score >= 600 (highly recommended) >= 800 (highly recommended)
Seat Inclusion Yes Yes
Ideal for Short people (5’3” or shorter) Everyone

The Takeaway

This Toto Ultramax vs Ultramax II article shows you some differences despite several common features. They’re both comfortable, easy to clean, and reliable. Furthermore, their flushing systems are strong. Your decision is based on your preference. If you want a strong and innovative model, go for Ultramax. But if a water-efficient toilet appeals to you the most, get the Ultramax ii.

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