Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging? (6 Common Reasons)

Toilets frequently become clogged, and when this happens, it is always an advantage to be aware of the underlying cause so you can have the option of addressing it yourself.

This article provides in-depth answers to the query “Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?” to help you fix your clogged toilets while saving money.

Toilets clog for many reasons, including blockage from non-flushable materials, too much tissue paper use, ineffective low flow toilet models, venting issues, and toilet trap blockage, etc.

Why Does My Toilet Always Clogging?

When your home, public properties, or even apartment toilet keep clogging, one reason you could immediately think of is the blockage of certain materials.

However, there are also instances when you discover your toilet clogged with nothing in it, which proves that there are other factors at play that you should be aware of.

The following are some common explanations as to why your toilet keeps backing up, along with several steps you can do to prevent or fix it.

Reason # 1: Non-flushable items blockage

A toilet easily clogs when materials besides toilet paper and human waste are flushed down the toilet because this results in a blockage in the toilet or plumbing line.

    • When non-flushable objects get stuck in the drain that leads to clogs, use a toilet plunger to clear the obstruction.
  • On the other hand, you can use a toilet auger to break through obstructed material and open your toilet drain if plunging does not eliminate the blockage.
  • As a precautionary measure, remind individuals at your home which items are okay for the toilet and which are not, especially kids. Also, trash cans should always be available in the bathroom for straightforward non-flushable waste disposal.

Reason # 2: Too much tissue paper blockage

Using too much tissue paper or toilet paper with inappropriate materials can result in toilets constantly clogging, as this is what causes toilets to have a hard time flushing or blockage in the plumbing line.

Reason # 3: Ineffective low flow model

Even after numerous attempts to unclog it and you continue to observe your toilet always clogging, the issue is most likely with the toilet’s model.

Low-flow toilets are prone to clogging due to the insufficient force of the flush to drive toilet paper and waste into the drainpipe.

    • If your low flow toilet keeps clogging, using less toilet paper is one simple solution to try. The lesser amount of material to flush alleviates your toilet’s weak flushing power, consequently preventing clogging.
  • However, replacing the toilet with a more functional low-flow type is the most ideal answer to this problem. The majority of modern toilet models have high-pressure features that can totally eliminate toilet wastes from the drain.

Reason # 4: Venting issues

You checked your toilet and the plumbing line but you’re still wondering why your toilet keep getting clogged for no reason. The answer probably lies in the problem with ventilation pipes.

Ventilation pipes are essential to the plumbing system. They allow sewer gasses to be safely released through your home’s roof rather than increasing the pressure inside the drain pipes.

It’s possible that the vent is simply obstructed at the outlet and requires manual cleaning. However, there are also instances wherein the problem is inside the vent.

    • In this scenario, one person might need to scale the roof to access the plumbing vent with another person staying near the toilet.

While the person on the roof places their hand over the vent, the other person should flush the toilet and observe after flush happenings.

If there isn’t any suction coming from the vent, the vent’s interior is likely obstructed, and a plumber’s snake can be used to unclog it.

Reason # 5: Toilet traps blockage

A toilet trap is an essential plumbing system component with the function of stopping objects from entering the sewage pipe, where they could severely obstruct it and cause the clogging of your toilet.

Undissolved toilet paper and other objects that get stuck in the toilet trap obstruct the plumbing and make your toilet clogs frequently.

    • o remove debris from the toilet trap, use a plunger. If it doesn’t work, think about utilizing a toilet auger to remove the partial clog. In cases that both don’t work, it is always advisable to call a plumber.

Reason # 6: Pressing the incorrect button on dual flush toilets

Dual flush toilet types are no different from other toilets in that they have problems that prohibit them from working properly. These types of toilets have two flushing mechanisms: one for liquid wastes and one for solid wastes.

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Water is used differently for each flush of a dual flush toilet. When pressing the liquid waste button to flush solid waste or vice versa, there might not be enough force to push it through the system.

If your dual flush toilet keeps clogging, a frequent reason for such happening is that you might have pressed the wrong button for flushing. Be reminded to observe the usage of appropriate flush buttons if you are using a dual flush toilet in your home.


Why do I have to plunge my toilet every time I flush?

There are several causes for this, but one typical reason is that your toilet may not have sufficient flushing power that it needs you to plunge it every time you flush.

Another reason is that there might be debris stuck inside the toilet that can hinder its efficient flush function.

You’ll notice that there is a problem with your toilet when you press the flush button repeatedly and it still won’t go down, or that it’s stuck.

How do you unclog a toilet when a plunger doesn’t work?

When the most common clogged toilet remedy, the plunger, doesn’t work, you should try a couple of chemical fixes that won’t harm your plumbing. Two of the famous combinations used are hot water plus dish soap and vinegar plus baking soda.

If the following methods still don’t work, consider using a household bleach since it can break down materials similar to a soap; use the method for dish soap. You should also consider using a drain snake.

Why does my toilet clogs every time I poop?

After you checked out the reasons listed above and the problem doesn’t seem to be about the toilet, then most likely it is due to your stool.

Certain people who consume a lot of meat can have poop that is particularly firm and more likely to become trapped. This outcome is also a potential side effect of several drugs.

You can fix this by regulating your diet and adding some vegetables and fruits to your intake. If there is no solution from a dietary perspective, you might need to spend money on a power-assist toilet with a stronger flush.


Now that you know the answer to your question, “Why does my toilet keep clogging?”, you’ll be able to alleviate some issues in your toilet.

However, when all is said and done and you tried all the solutions in this article, then there might be a deeper problem that is out of your control. When that happens, call a plumber as they’re your last resort. #Toilet #Clogging #Common #Reasons

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