Why is My Poop So Big It Clogs the Toilet? (9 Causes)

why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet

Poop So Big It Clogs the Toilet: A clogged toilet can be blamed on many things. A large, long poop can be the reason why a toilet bowl is clogged.

You may think that you have large poop, which is embarrassing when you’re in public places or at somebody else’s house. Even if it occurs in your house, it’s troublesome. You can’t help but wonder: why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet?

But you should not only focus on this because other things can cause clogging. Keep reading to find out.

Clogged Toilet Because of Large Poop and Other Things


You may have opened the topic ‘toilet clogs every time I poop’ with people close to you. The conversation will usually end up with the big turd in the toilet. So, you’ll worry about your large bowel movement. But you should also analyze other possibilities.

1. What’s behind those big poops

It makes sense to worry about clogged toilets and why you always have huge poop. If this is the case for you, drink plenty of water every day so you can soften your poop and make them water-soluble.

You’ll know you drink enough water if your pee has a light yellow color. Change eating habits by having small meals. These are simple ways to resolve your problem: my poop clogged the toilet.

Large meals can cause large poop but there are other causes based on medical experts. They’re listed as follows.

  • Your ‘super healthy diet

Based on dietary guidelines, individuals below 50 years old should have a fiber intake of 25 to 34 grams but less fiber of 22 to 28 grams for those who are over the said age. Not all can meet this requirement.

You can get it if you add fiber-rich foods like whole grains, beans, and leafy greens. However, a high intake results in larger than normal poop as fiber bulks it up.

When this happens, water also helps form the large size of poop. But it doesn’t mean that you minimize fiber intake and drinking water as your body needs these things. This discussion is to make you aware that excessive fiber can enlarge your poop.

  • It’s been a while since the last discharge

Don’t worry about big lumps if you haven’t been discharged for some days. It’s normal to experience it if it doesn’t happen regularly. According to the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, those who have constipation will likely experience three large bowel movements weekly.

This happens if you don’t take enough fiber. Other conditions that can lead to this situation are irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. Besides increasing fiber intake, doing exercise or physical activity can counter this issue. Exercising can enhance how the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract and the hormones in the gut function.

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Drinking coffee and trying to go in the morning can solve constipation. When your body tells you to poop, don’t hold it as you’ll be constipated. Children also experience constipation. When this happens, a child loses his or her control over bowel movement. He or she might not feel anything and all of the sudden, a heap of poop comes out.

  • Not all the waste comes out from your system when discharging

The large meal becomes waste in the large intestine. Then, stool travels through the digestive tract up to your anus, the pelvic floor tells the rectal muscles to relax for its release. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen to everyone. Once there’s a bowel obstruction, not all the waste comes out of your body when you go.

Doctors advise you to elevate your feet when taking a dump. It creates an angle that is on the same level as your anus. Squatty Potty can help you with stool movement. However, some might have pelvic floor disorder.

You’ll need to be evaluated by a physician for confirmation. If you have the disorder, a therapist can guide you with breathing exercises to have a total discharge of poop. Before going to the doctor, check the Bristol stool form scale so you will know if you have a normal tool size or not. You’ll also get to know about poop appearances.

2. Toilet type

Does the size of poop matter? It does, but there are other causes of toilet clogging aside from poop too big to flush.

You may have one of those low-flush toilets to lower water bills. But there’s a downside: the pressure problem can clog your toilet. If these descriptions represent your situation, you should change to the standard toilet that works with 1.6 GPF.

3. Flushing the things that you’re not supposed to

I think you know that you should only flush waste and toilet paper. Other things that are not recommended to flush are condoms, cotton swabs, facial tissue, and diapers. If you throw these things into your toilet, don’t be surprised if you can’t flush down your poop.

4. Hard water

Many people are not aware that hard water is a cause of clogging. The water hardness means it contains loads of minerals. It can cause build-ups that impede the water flow.

This situation will likely happen when you use a private well. Also, the municipal water supply delivers these effects. Water softeners like Rescare All-Purpose Water Softener can solve this problem.

5. Improper flushing

Many are guilty of improper flushing in the toilet sink. Flush hard by holding the lever or pushing the button to ensure that the waste goes all the way down the sewer.

6. Water and valve in the cistern

When the big poop doesn’t go down, the cistern’s water and valve may have some problems. So, you have to check your toilet tank. The valve may be too high or too low, which affects water pressure. When this happens, replacement is a must. Ideally, the tank should be full when flushing so clogging won’t occur.

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7. Slow-moving drainage system

Slow-moving drainage is another culprit of clogging and it’s sometimes due to external factors. The ideal drainage flow allows the poop to travel smoothly and reach the septic system. You have to fix the drainage or have a professional do it for you.

8. Broken pipes

Broken pipes can happen because of temperature changes, heavy rain, corrosion, and other related factors. They are sometimes the reason why there’s slow drainage.

9. Toilet vents

With clogged toilet vents, it’s impossible to flush down waste, especially if there’s more stool. Bird nests, leaves, and other debris may have caused it.

The symptoms of this problem are a gurgling toilet, slow drainage, and a sewer-like smell when you flush your toilet. It’s not always about intestinal obstruction but the cause can be the outlet on the roof.

How to Flush Poop That is Too Big to Flush?


You can try unclogging with hot water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Spray and give it half an hour to work. But if the sprayed water doesn’t solve the problem, don’t worry; this article has your back.

You’ll surely be happy to see this part since you don’t have to go through a lot of comments on Reddit. Also, you don’t need to start a forum entitled ‘my poop won’t flush down the toilet. to find methods to help you successfully flush large poop.

1. Hot water and toilet brush

Plunge the toilet brush head deep so it can reach the pipe. Do it back and forth vigorously to remove the blockage in the upper siphon area. You don’t need to use boiling water as it can damage the ceramic.

After taking out the hot water, let it cool down for two minutes before rinsing the bowl when the water runs off after using the brush. This method usually resolves minor blockage.

Don’t push it if the clog is still unmoved. If you do it, you may put a lot of pressure on the toilet seat. You’ll end up breaking the seat. Instead of eliminating the clog, you’ll have another task!

2. Vinegar and baking soda

Combining vinegar and baking soda creates a chemical reaction that can unblock your toilet. It’s foamy and safe for humans.

Pour hot water first then pour the solution. Let it sit for half an hour while the cover of the toilet is down. It has cleaning properties to get rid of bad odor as it flows to the pipes.

You may just pour these two substances directly into the bowl – one or two packets of baking soda and a bottle of vinegar! Mixed or direct application will give you a working toilet. It’s best to apply this method before going to bed.

Sum It Up

Why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet? Constipation, fiber, and conditions like pelvic floor disorder can cause big poop. But it’s not the only reason why your toilets get clogged.

You have to consider the type of toilet, water that you use for flushing, cistern, drainage system, and vent.

This article has also shown you methods to unclog your toilet when there’s large poop. So, you don’t have to start a conversation about ‘my poop clogged the toilet’.

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