10 Best Portable Toilet For Camping

Best Portable Toilet For Camping: Going camping but worried about not having a toilet while you’re in the great outdoors? Don’t worry, Toilet Bazar is here to help you choose the best portable toilet for camping.

In the last 2 decades, the camping industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Not long ago, there were only a few choices of tents and sleeping bags, now the options are endless.

A trip to your local outdoor store will confirm this – who knew there were so many options for a camping trip? There are so many useful products that make life outdoors easier.

If we were discussing tents and other outdoor gear it would be easy, however, talking about toilets isn’t quite as fun.

The truth is, going number 2 isn’t always an enjoyable endeavor when you’re camping. Sometimes campgrounds have public toilets but many other off-grid locations don’t offer amenities. You can always take a shovel and pop-a-squat but that’s not comfortable.

If you’re a hunter, camper, or off-grid enthusiast, consider investing in a portable toilet. It’s a handy item that you’ll use and they are compact, lightweight, and comfortable.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best portable toilet for camping and I’ll mention a few of my top choices for number 2’s in the great outdoors.

The best options have multiple tanks and flushing systems but I’ve also included a few minimalist options that only use a toilet seat and bucket. Depending on your needs, one of the toilets on the list should work well!

The Best Portable Toilet For Camping: What To Look For

If you’re new to portable toilets you may not know what to look for. Conventional thought would assume that all portable toilets are the same, and many are, but there are a few different types you can choose from.

They range in complexity from actual buckets to flushable toilets. Let’s take a look at a few important characteristics.


Of the many options on this list, you’ll notice that they all follow a few design options. A square portable toilet may seem bulky and ugly, but the square shape is sturdy and can easily be secured on the ground.

The shape is also important when storing in a car – the last thing you’d want is your portable toilet to tip over and leak while you’re driving. For these reasons, I prefer the square shape.

You should also know whether you prefer 1 tank or 2 tanks. 1 tank will hold your waste and it will stay there until it’s cleaned. A few options don’t even have a tank and instead use a bag to catch the waste.

A 2-tank portable toilet uses a freshwater flush to transfer waste from its original position into an odor-proof storage area. 2 tank options allow for waste to be stored for a long period and allow up to 50 flushes before requiring cleaning.

Lightweight Material

Will you require a portable toilet for camping that’s easy to carry from the car to the ground? Or will it remain in one place for a long time?

The best portable toilets for camping will be lightweight and likely be made from polyethylene. It’s durable and will hold up well in hot, cold, or wet weather. It should also have a handle to make moving it an easy task.

The weight of a portable toilet can be 5-20 lbs when empty, but much heavier when full. Make sure to choose one that you’ll be able to move to and from your vehicle.

Ease of Cleaning

One of the worst things about portable toilets is having to clean them. The 2 tank toilets hide the waste and store it for a long time, however, you’ll eventually have to open the bottom and clean it.

This is done by rinsing with a hose. They are made to make cleaning easy but it’s still a smelly job.

Simple portable toilets for camping use bags and the bags are easy to tie up and dispose of. At the same time, disposing of the bag will need to be done more often than a 2 tank toilet with storage

Fresh Water Flush

I was surprised to learn that many of the best portable toilets for camping used a freshwater flush. Yes, you heard that right!

Freshwater is held in the top tank and waste can be flushed into the 2nd tank on the bottom. It’s much like your toilet at home, with one exception. You’ll eventually you’ll have to clean it!

For people that like “glamping” a freshwater flush is a great option to have and will keep your waste out of sight.

Best Portable Toilet For Camping (10 Great Toilets)

#1 Camco Standard Portable Camping Toilet

Camco Portable Toilet
Camco Portable Toilet

Camco is a leader in outdoor necessities and it’s our best portable toilet for camping. They make a range of products for RVs, camping, boating, and storage. Their products are known for being durable and long lasting, perfect for the outdoors.

Their portable toilet is made for camping and comes in a few sizes (2.6 or 5.3 gallons) and a standard or premium style. It’s small enough to keep in the back of a car, yet big enough to sit on comfortably.


  • 3 gallon measures 15.5 x 14 x 16 inches
  • The seat width is 13 inches with the inside lip measuring 8.5” wide x 9” deep
  • 2 connected tanks – they are detachable
  • Sealing slide valve to control odors
  • Side latches for connecting the two tanks
  • Bellow flush (holds 2.5 gallons of fresh water)
  • Weighs 10 lbs
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You can flush this toilet with fresh water (water not included). The lid and seat are included and the design makes it easy to rinse out.

The weight of the toilet is reasonable – only 10 lbs – and can easily be unpacked from the car or repositioned.

The look isn’t anything special, however, its thick polyurethane material will last a long time. This is a popular item and has over 1,000 reviews backing its quality.

#2 Thetford Porta Potti For Camping

Thetford 92860 Porta Potti 135 , White
Thetford 92860 Porta Potti 135, White

Thetford makes a slick-looking porta potty that’s perfect for camping, the water, and RVing. It’s durable, compact, and looks pretty good too (for a toilet).

There’s a valve that seals to hold in odors, but it can also be opened to release gas.

This toilet holds a little more fresh water for flushing (4.2 gallons) and the bottom tank holds 3.2 gallons of wastewater.


  • Measures 17 x 15 x 13.4 inches
  • 2-gallon freshwater tank
  • Dual tank
  • A valve that seals to prevent odors
  • Removable seat and cover to aid cleaning
  • 2 color options (grey and white)
  • 7 lbs
  • 33 flushes with every full tank

This portable toilet for camping has plenty of water for up to 33 flushes. It also uses a pour spout to avoid the possibility of a backsplash when cleaning. These guys thought of everything.

The reviews for this portable camping toilet are superb and that’s why it comes in at #2. One customer mentioned that camping with kids was a success and the toilet traveled thousands of miles in the back of their car (no smell either).

#3 Porta Potti Curve For Camping

Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp
Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp

The Porta Potti Curve has plenty of curves. It’s a nicely designed toilet that’s perfect for camping, but it can be used on boats, trucks, and off-grid homes. The Porta Potti is sleek, compact, and functional and it comes in two color options

It can hold 4 gallons of fresh water and 5.5 gallons of wastewater. The Curve is watertight so there won’t be any leaks even if you have to carry it when it’s full.


  • Great looking
  • Versatile (camping and more)
  • Carrying handle
  • 4 gallons of freshwater / 5.5 gallons of wastewater
  • Batter powered flush
  • Tank level indicator
  • Rotating pour spout
  • Hold down kit keeps the toilet secure on the floor

This portable toilet goes above and beyond many other options on this list. It has a battery-powered flush, a tank level indicator so you know when it’s time to clean, and the hold-down kit will keep it from being pushed over.

With over 500 positive reviews, this toilet is the most well-liked option on the list. I like the style, the carrying handle, and all the little extras that come with the toilet.

#4 Cleanwaste Portable Toilet – Perfect For Camping

Cleanwaste Portable Toilet
Cleanwaste Portable Toilet

The Cleanwaste toilet and waste kit are one of the best portable toilets for camping but it’s a simplified portable toilet for camping.  It might be the easiest to use on this list because it’s ready to go in 3 seconds.

It keeps the lightweight and compact design that you’d expect in a camping toilet yet it still supports 500 lbs of weight – that’s impressive.

The 3 leg design might look weak, but it’s strong even on uneven ground. Although this option doesn’t use a flush or freshwater, it’s still a solid option for number 2


  • Breaks down and sets up in 3 seconds
  • 3 locking legs
  • 500 lb weight support
  • Seat and bowl of a standard toilet
  • Mesh holder and waste kit that uses a disposable bag
  • Camo and grey color options

This portable camping toilet appears to be popular with campers and hunters who need to keep a toilet in the back of their trucks. It’s also popular with people dealing with disasters like hurricanes and water shortages. This one works well because it breaks down flat and it’s easy to set up.

If you’re using this indoors the smell may be a concern because it’s not odor-proof. If you’ll be camping at a festival or in the wilderness consider taking this product along. The reviews are great and the price is right!

#5 SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with Carrying Bag

#5 SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with carrying Bag
SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet

SereneLife makes a bunch of different outdoor products. They even make paddle boards. This item isn’t quite as fun as a paddle board but it’s still helpful.

It uses a similar design as our #1 option, the Camco toilet, and flushes with a 5.3-gallon tank.


  • Outdoor company and a toilet made for camping
  • 3-gallon waste tank
  • 2 gallons of clean water
  • 50+ flushes
  • Detachable upper tank and lower
  • Easy fasten clips to connect the tanks
  • Lide and seat included
  • Square shape to make packing a breeze

Although the square look doesn’t look flashy, it is convenient for packing in the back of a car or truck. It has a double-sealed drain valve to make sure there aren’t leaks and smells that venture into the campground. The carrying case is a nice bonus!

Customers, large and small, like how the toilet works and the fact it’s self-contained – no need to dump before packing. If you love camping but would rather be glamping this portable camping toilet will make you feel like you’re in the comfort of your own home.

#6 Zimmer Portable Toilet – Camping

Zimmer makes a no-frills option similar to the SereneLife and Camco. It uses the same style, and keeps the functionality, but cuts out the extras. It comes at a reasonable price, comparable to other toilets on the list.

With the Zimmer portable toilet for camping, you get a full-sized lid and seat that creates an outdoor throne to relax on. It works for adults as well as seniors and kids

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  • 5 x 13.5 x 12 / weighs 9.75 lbs
  • Functional design that’s as comfy as your toilet at home
  • For Adults, Kids, and Seniors
  • 3-gallon fresh water tank / 5-gallon waste water tank
  • 50-70 flushes
  • Disconnecting tanks (2)
  • Removable caps for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable valve to control smells
  • Polyethylene – durable

This is another good option. Because it’s so similar to the other toilets on the list I’d take a look at the prices and decide which portable toilet will last. There are many similarities to this style of toilet, and just like the others, this toilet is well-liked.

A toilet does a simple job, so they should all have great reviews right?

#7 Dometic Portable Toilet

Dometic 1223.0154 301097206 970-Series Portable Toilet - 2.6 Gallon, Gray
Dometic 1223.0154 301097206 970-Series Portable Toilet – 2.6 Gallon, Gray

The Dometic portable toilet for camping takes us back to the nice-looking options we reviewed earlier on our list. The only reason this one is ranked lower is that it has mixed reviews.

It offers two different options 2.6 and 5-gallon toilets as well as 2 colors (tan and grey). With ABS construction, this little john will hold up in tough environments and it packs well too. A push button flush and tank level indicator seems a little fancy for a camping toilet but I won’t complain


  • 5 x 15.5 x 12.5 inches (quite compact)
  • 12 lbs
  • 6-gallon tank
  • Scratch resistant tank
  • Adult-sized seat and lid
  • Side locks for safety
  • Tank indicator
  • Push flush

Most reviews are excellent, however, a few people experienced leaks and others thought it was too compact (check out the Thetford if you want something a little larger). It also utilizes a pump to flush which may be noisy at night.

All-in-all this is a decent portable toilet but I think I prefer similar options that are ranked higher.

#8 Reliance Products – Portable Camping Toilet

Reliance Products FOLD-to-GO Folding Portable Camping Toilet | 300 Pound Capacity | Compact & Lightweight
Reliance Products FOLD-to-GO Folding Portable Camping Toilet | 300 Pound Capacity | Compact & Lightweight

Reliance Products makes super basic camping toilets. If the toilets ranked above weren’t what you were looking for, check out this one and the options below (they are more my style). Depending on your needs it may be the best portable toilet for camping.

Have a 5-gallon bucket? That’s all you need with Reliance because they’ve got the seat. They provide the bucket too. This toilet comes in a three-pack and works well for camping or other wilderness activities.


  • 56 x 13.5 x 13 inches
  • Only weigh 3 lbs
  • Can’t beat the price
  • 5-gallon capacity (I recommend you empty it before it fills)

The great thing about this toilet is it keeps things simple yet still makes the toilet experience pleasant. It’s a somewhat minimalist type of toilet for the outdoors (a true minimalist would just need a hole).

Reliance Products also makes a Double Doodie bag (no lie) that fits inside the bucket. This means virtually no cleanup – just dispose of the bag. With over 1000 positive reviews, this toilet is simple but does the job. People are happy with it and they are pleased with the price.

#9 Reliance Products – Self-Contained Bucket Toilet (Hassock)

Reliance Products Hunter's LOO | Portable Camouflage Hunting/Camping Toilet | 5 Gall. Bucket | 200 Pound Capacity, Tan, 13.5 Inch x 13.0 Inch x 15.4...
Reliance Products Hunter’s LOO | Portable Camouflage Hunting/Camping Toilet | 5 Gall. Bucket | 200 Pound Capacity, Tan, 13.5 Inch x 13.0 Inch x 15.4…

The Hassock option is another simple solution for pooing in the wilderness. This portable toilet has more than just a seat, it has toilet paper as well.


  • 7 x 14.7 x 14 inches
  • 5 lbs
  • 5-year warranty
  • Black and grey color scheme
  • Removable inner bucket for waste disposal
  • Compatible with the company’s “goodie bag”

Reliance Products make simple products that work great for camping. The toilet can be stored easily and cleaned quickly because there aren’t a lot of parts (no flush). I like the build in toilet roll holder – it adds a nice touch.

#10 Green Elephant Folding Toilet Seat For Camping

Green Elephant Portable Toilet for Camping - Portable Potty for Adults, Porta Potty Camping Toilet, Portable Toilets for Travel, Portable Toilet for Adults Camping, Toilets Portable,Emergency Bathroom
Green Elephant Portable Toilet for Camping – Portable Potty for Adults, Porta Potty Camping Toilet, Portable Toilets for Travel, Portable Toilet for Adults Camping, Toilets Portable, Emergency Bathroom

Green Elephant makes the most simple portable camping toilet on the list. They’re not ranked last because of the product, it’s ranked last because of its simplicity. I get the impression most people won’t be looking for a folding chair with a hole in the middle to take their poop.

Given its simplicity, it’s still a good option if that’s what someone needs. You could easily hook a bag underneath the seat and dispose of the bag once you’re finished. This folding commode is durable and breaks down small enough that you won’t even notice it in the back of your car.


  • Lightweight (3.5 lbs)
  • Simple concept
  • Attachable toilet bag
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • 250 lbs weight limit
  • 15 x 15.8 inches
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

This is a sturdy, lightweight option that is much different than the other options on the list. If you want something super simple to sit on then this toilet will do the trick.

Its price point is a little more than I expected but you can weight the pros and cons of this toilet with the other simple Reliance Productions options above.


So there you have it. 10 options for the best portable toilet for camping. These toilets won’t make your camping trip easy, but they will make it more comfortable and less smelly.

I did my best to consolidate a wide range of toilets and included flushing systems that provide up to 50 flushes and a basic bucket with disposable bags, I mentioned various options for different situations.

A hunter that is camping will want a different type of toilet than a group that is “glamping”, or someone who lives in an off-grid cabin. Weight the pros and cons of each toilet and decide what will be most convenient.

The freshwater flush is an awesome option to have but if I’m camping I prefer something simple. Therefore, I prefer the most basic portable toilets that will store well in the back of my car.

Let me know in the comments which portable toilet for camping you chose. And be sure to visit the Toilet Bazar homepage for more helpful information on all things toilets!

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