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The TOTO Aquia IV toilet is a fantastic two-piece unit that offers several advanced features including the Dynamax Tornado flush system that utilizes 360-degree cleaning power to clean every corner of the toilet.

The universal height seat of  the TOTO Aquia makes it ideal for people of all age groups. Finally, the skirted design of the bowl reduces water flow resistance and turbulence, resulting in a quiet flush. This design also makes this toilet more manageable to maintain than most two-piece toilets.

TOTO Aquia IV – Highlighted Features

Here are three of our standout features for the Aquia IV:

1. Dual Flush

environmental friendly dual flushing toilet

The dual flush mechanism directly affects the environment and lowers your monthly bills. With two flush options, you can select the lower consumption half flush to consume only 0.8 gallons per flush, or the full flush that uses 1.28 GPF. This option is perfect for liquid waste, helping reduce your overall water consumption by as much as 10 gallons per day, using average consumer statistics.

2. Tornado Flush

By using gravity and centrifugal force, the Tornado Flush technology provides excellent performance with minimal water. Instead of rim holes, it uses two nozzles, which results in a cleaner bowl. It also means less maintenance, which is a big plus in the long term.

3. CeFIONtect

CeFIONtect, also known as SanaGloss, is a permanent special glaze for the inner surface of your toilet bowl. It’s a very smooth finish that prevents the build-up of bacteria, mold, and dust, reducing regular cleaning needs. This finish also means less maintenance, and you won’t have to use chemicals that would damage the bowl or the environment.


TOTO Aquia WASHLET with SanaGloss prevents buildup

Key Features

  •  Flushing Score:   600 MaPWhat is MaP?Grams of waste removed in a single flush. Scale = 0 – 1000
  • Water Consumption: 0.8/1.28 GPFGallons Per FlushEfficient toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush, saving 20% more water than 1.6 GPF toilets.
  • Bowl Shape: ElongatedShape ExplainedElongated bowls are oval shape and 2” inches wider than round bowls
  • Flushing System: Dynamax Tornado FlushTOTO Tornado Flush TechnologyA flush with centrifugal and cyclonic action that rinses waste away efficiently and keeps bowl cleaner
  • Flush Type: DualDual Flush ExplainedChoose between a low flow or full flush action, typically has a button
  • Style: Two-Piece
  • Certifications: WaterSense, CAL Green
  • Dimensions (sourced from manual): Toilet (28.25″ x 15.5″ x 29.25″), Rough-inWhat is a Rough-in??Measurement between center of waste pipe and wall (12″), TrapwayWhat is a Trapway?S-shaped curved channel inside the base of the toilet. Waste travels from the bowl through the trapway, then out the bottom of the toilet. (2.5″), Seat HeightWhat is the Seat Height?The measurement from the floor to the top of the toilet seat. Standard height toilets measure between 15 – 17 inches, while chair height toilets measure 17 inches or more. (17″) See image with dimensions
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Let’s have a look at the main features of the TOTO Aquia IV toilet in this buyer’s guide.

Impressive Design

TOTO MS446124CEMG#01 Aquia installed

This two-piece toilet is made from vitreous china and the CEFIONTECT high-glazed finish on its surface makes it look clean and shiny. This finish prevents the development of mold and bacteria by stopping the debris from sticking to the surface.

In addition, its skirted design has a non-clog 2.5-inch trap-way with a clear glaze coating that ensures adequate flushing. It also means no nooks and crannies to collect dust, dirt, and bacteria.

Intense Flushing System

The TOTO Aquia toilet uses a DYNAMAX Tornado dual flush system to ensure a high-standard flushing operation. This flushing system combined with the high-glazed finish leads to a cleaner and bacteria-free toilet.

While the flush is powerful, it’s still ultra-quiet. You can choose between flushing levels to consume either 1.28 gallons per flush for a full flush or 0.8 gallons for a partial flush.

Finally, the PREMIST feature ensures that the bowl is wet before each use, leading to a better flushing operation.

Soft-Close Seat

The included toilet seat comes with several standout features that greatly improve the user experience. The first feature is the soft-close technology of this toilet, which saves you from loud, slamming noises and damage over time.

Additionally, you can upgrade to the TOTO electronic Washlet bidet seat, which is the ultimate in toilet comfort. The Washlet toilet seat has a heating feature that allows you to warm it before use, clean your backside without using toilet paper, and utilize the air dryer to dry yourself and the toilet seat after use.

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Cleaning Made Easy

Thanks to its CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, this toilet is easy to clean and reduces the need for frequent manual cleaning. As mentioned above, the high-glazed finish keeps the toilet surface shiny and clean. It also protects the toilet surface from the development of mold and other bacteria on the surface. In addition, the ceramic glaze prevents debris from sticking to the toilet’s surface.

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Installation Basics

Like the TOTO Carlyle II, The TOTO Aquia IV comes with a standard 12-inch rough-in required for installation. The installation process is quick and straightforward compared to that for a one-piece, heavyweight toilets.

Its two-piece design makes it lightweight and convenient to install even for one person. However, you will need to purchase the securing screws and the waste trap seal.

Additional Features

If you choose to upgrade to the Washlet bidet seat remote control that you can use to adjust the temperature for the Washlet bidet feature. The seat is heated, and near the seat, you can find an automatic air deodorizer and air dryer. Additionally, you can save settings for two different users so you don’t need to reset your preferences each time.

Seat Options

  • SS124 SoftClose seat
  • SS234 SoftClose seat
  • WASHLET®+ S500e
  • WASHLET®+ S550e

Positive Comments (sourced from reviews)

  • Comfortable experience with a universal height and an adjustable heated seat
  • Automatic air deodorizer keeps the air around you sanitary and fresh
  • DYNAMAX Tornado Flush is effective at minimizing clogs

Negative Comments (sourced from reviews)

  • Some reviewers shared that the flush doesn’t always clean the bowl

Summary of Recent Reviews

Buyers like this comfort-height toilet.  The simple, yet the stylish design allows for easy cleaning outside, and the efficient flush lends itself to easy cleaning of the bowl.  “I love it. I have two boys and it’s easy to clean, it looks nice. It also flushes everything down.”

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