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You won’t find any Delta 1500 series shower kit because it was replaced by Delta 1700 series. The old Delta 1500 series shower kit faucet had a separate temperature knob which is missing from the 1700 series, but there’s a conversion kit available from the 1500 series to the 1700 series.

You have to be disappointed if you are looking for the 90’s Delta 1500 series, the manufacturer has discontinued it. A new 1700 series has replaced it. So, you might want to know the differences between these two series.

My whole article is about that. So, let’s fire away.

A Quick Comparison Table

Specifications Delta 1500 Delta 1700
Product Type Faucet Cartridge Kit Faucet Cartridge Kit
Special Feature Has a temperature control knob. Has temperature and volume control knobs.
Included Items Faucet, Cartridge, etc. Faucet, Cartridge, Handle Lever, etc.
Availability Discontinued By Manufacturer Still Available
Technology Very Few Technology Many Advanced Technologies
Warranty 10 years residential and 5 years commercial 10 years residential and 5 years commercial
Price $20 to $50 $100 to $231

Key Differences Between Delta 1500 And 1700 Series Shower Kit

As much as these two series have differences in many aspects, you won’t find any in their types.

Both of them are shower faucet cartridge kit sets. In a sense, both of these series are complete shower kits for your bathroom.

Delta is a reputed brand for faucets, cartridges, and other shower and bathroom accessories. The 1500 series was available in the ’90s.

That time it was a pretty good shower faucet cartridge kit series. That’s why people still talk about it.

On the contrary, Delta 1700 series offers a shower faucet cartridge kit with many technologically advanced features. As a result, you will get better performance without any doubt.

Delta 1500 series and 1700 series have many differences in their feature. You can imagine it when you realize one series was available in the 90s and the other one is available now.

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If I simply put it, the features of the Delta 1500 series are taken from the 1700 series. But the latter one has many more that were missing from the 1500 series.

1500 series shower kit had polished chrome shower escutcheon. Its screw holes were located at 2 o’clock and 7 o’clock. On top of that, the faucet used to have a separate knob for temperature control.

On the contrary, the Delta 1700 series kit comes with a rotational limit stop. You will get advanced temperature control with it. Besides, you can easily repair it at home. The kit will exceptionally last longer.

Since they are complete kits, you will get many items with them. Delta 1500 series shower kit has a cartridge, faucet, and necessary items to complete a shower.

That’s why people in the 90s widely used this kit for the shower.

On the other hand, the Delta faucet 1700 series comes with a cartridge assembly, a small-size replacement faucet, a single lever chrome handle with a temperature monitor, and other necessary items.

That’s why it’s a complete package. So, there are a few differences between these two series.

Availability is crucial for these two series. That’s because Delta 1500 series has been discontinued. So, you won’t find this shower kit in brand new condition.

However, you might find it in used bathroom accessories stores and some online shops that sell used products.

On the other hand, the Delta 1700 series kit is available in the market. You can purchase it from any store near your house. Besides, it’s also available in all the popular online and retail stores.

When it comes to technology, Delta 1700 series is way ahead of Delta 1500 series.

That’s because you will get WaterSense technology, Monitor technology, etc., with Delta 1700 series.

On top of that, this series also has Touch-Clean, Volume Control, and Multi-Choice technology.

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These technologies offer better operation and performance.

In contrast, you will only get WaterSense technology with Delta 1500 series. Other technologies mentioned above are not available here.

The warranty is the same for both series. Since both of them belong to the same company, you will get a similar warranty.

Both Delta 1500 series and 1700 series shower kits come with 10 years limited warranty for multi-family residential use and 5 years limited warranty for commercial use.

You will have to spend around $100 for Delta 1700 series shower kit with a replacement faucet, cartridges, and lever. On the other hand, the Delta 1700 series chrome trim kit is available for around $231.

However, you won’t find brand-new Delta 1500 kits. So, used ones are available for $20 to $50 based on their quality.

Which Series Will Be Best For You?

The choice here is clear as daylight. Of these two shower kit series, only the Delta 1700 series is available to purchase from the stores in brand-new condition.

That’s why you have no other choice but to use it. However, it’s certainly better and technologically upgraded than Delta 1500.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Delta 17 series the same as 1700 series?

Yes. Delta 17 series and 1700 series are the same. These terms are used interchangeably. So, people refer to the same product when they used these names.

What is the difference between Delta 14 and 17 series?

Delta 14 series shower kits only have temperature control. On the other hand, along with temperature control, Delta 17 series pressure-balancing shower kits also have volume control.

How do I know which Delta faucet Cartridge I need?

You can easily identify the faucet cartridge series from the escutcheon plate below the handle. You will find the serial number embossed there. And that’s how you will know which shower cartridge you need.

Are all Delta shower cartridges the same?

You will get different series of Delta shower cartridges. The differences in the shower cartridge make the difference in the Delta shower kit.

Final Thoughts

After reading the whole article, it’s clear that there is a difference between Delta 1500 and the 1700 series. And because of the differences, Delta 1700 series is much better than Delta 1500.

Why it wouldn’t be? Delta has replaced 1500 with 1700. Of course, 1700 is better than the 1500 series. So, look no further and go with Delta 1700 series shower kit.

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